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Midnight Mania! Jessica Andrade aims to knock Rose Namajunas out again, prove doubters wrong

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UFC 237: Namajunas v Andrade Photo by Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

UFC 251 is just four days away, and it’s a pretty compelling card from top-to-bottom. Somewhat overshadowed by the three title fights is an excellent rematch between Jessica Andrade and Rose Namajunas, a pivotal Strawweight bout that carries definite title implications.

The first time these women fought, Andrade was able to steal Namajunas’ crown with one of the most brutal slam knockouts in MMA history. However, Namajunas was doing quite well on the feet prior to the slam, which has prompted some to write Andrade’s victory off as luck or a fluke.

“Bate Estaca” respectfully thinks otherwise.

“I don’t know if [Namajunas] thinks [it was a fluke], but I know she really wants this rematch; she wants to show she’s has gotten better and evolved, that she has what it takes to beat me,” Andrade told MMA Fighting. “There are a lot of American fans and a lot of Brazilian fans that say it was luck, but I know it wasn’t luck. I was ready for all that. I knew what I had to do in the fight and how it would go down. If I hadn’t won that way [the win] would have come any other way, the next round, or even the next one.

“I don’t know what goes inside Rose’s mind, but she has this strength inside of her to prove herself, to evolve after every fight. She has this desire to get better and win every time she stumbles. I believe she’s coming to prove that by fighting me.

“If it was lucky, she will be able to beat me, and if it wasn’t, I’ll win – and the mutual respect continues.”

It’s definitely an interesting match up and perfect candidate for a do-over. On one hand, Namajunas was tagging Andrade with lots of counters. However, Andrade generally has no qualms about getting punches in the face, and her own work to the body and legs was definitely taking its toll on Namajunas even before the big slam.

Who ya’ got in the rematch?


Confirmed: Max Holloway is a pretty cool dude.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, here’s further confirmation that Ali Abdelaziz is not a super cool guy.

Finally, it remains a struggle to determine if Mike Perry is a lovable goof or absolute psychopath. Hopefully he’s at least paid his taxes ...

A nifty teep setup:

The women’s Flyweight division gains a much needed new prospect/hopeful contender.

Jorge Masvidal ain’t worried bout nothin’ as he heads into a title fight on roughly a week’s notice.

I don’t know precisely why Weili Zhang is doing this exercise, but it looks difficult!

Slips, rips, and KO clips

I wrote my own article about the trials and tribulations of Josh Emmett’s rise, but here’s some extra info from a man who witnessed all of it firsthand!

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The Legend of Josh Emmett 10 yrs In! Moving up the ranks w another amazing KO. A step closer on his long Journey to become a champ...the hard way! For those that don’t get 2 see behind the scenes, here is a look at a guy that is now 16-2 , in the top 7 in the world & has faced nothing but adversity. I remember learning in college, when I was studying to be a teacher, about kids that can slip by. Some kids are loud, some kids are funny, some have troubles that force attention, and some are soft spoken, easy & can get overlooked. We were reminded to acknowledge, share time and focus with the kids that aren’t screaming for attention, causing trouble, the class clown or the social butterfly. Josh Emmett was a long time wrestler, and had his first pro fight in Oct of 2011. Because he hit like a Mack Truck, Josh had major fractures in his hands, fighting on the small shows around Sacramento. These injuries made building his record fast, more difficult. In May of 2014 Josh finally had a 5-0 record and was introduced and acknowledged to the UFC matchmakers as a top wasn’t till 2 years later that Josh got a last minute 5 day notice call to fight a weight class up at 155 lbs in Amsterdam (he was 9-0). Without hesitation Josh jumped on a plane, cut his weight and flew across the world to Scrap. He was so excited he couldn’t sleep for 3 days, he went into the fight ready to conquer. Shortly into the fight Josh dislocated his finger and the bone shot out of the skin. Not wanting to mis his opportunity, Josh hid his finger (bone protruding) from the ref, & won decisively. His first fight at 145’s, Josh set a record for Knockdowns in a single round, where he again broke his hand, his second fight was nearly a year later on 3 weeks notice, knocking out a top 5 opponent. Hand injuries, a fractured face bone/teeth, and concussion issues are only some of the tough breaks Josh has seen. His soft spoken demeanor and unfortunate injuries have made him a sleeper to the world. His last fight was another example of Josh’s heart & talent. Even with a knee destroyed 15 secs in, he’s hunt’n the belt another surgery in sight, the fire is lit and the legend grows!

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Ray Sefo delivers an exceptionally mean right hook.

Daniel Cormier vs. Stipe Miocic 3 is a rubber match where I really have no idea what will happen. There are at least three extremely possible results!

Random Land

A very cool bridge in Enshi City, China!

Midnight Music: Dove headfirst into the Jazz rabbit hole tonight!

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.