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Midnight Mania! Brendan Schaub contracts COVID-19 after downplaying threat of virus

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Conor McGregor Pre-Event VIP Party Red Carpet Brendan Schaub Photo by Steven Lawton/Getty Images

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Thanks to Joe Rogan’s assistance and his own 11-fight career as a UFC Heavyweight, Brendan Schaub has established himself as one of the more broadcasted voices in MMA. His podcast, “The Fighter And The Kid,” is quite successful, and Schaub has also appeared on Showtime as an analyst and comedian.

What Schaub is not, however, is a scientist or disease researcher. Despite his qualifications falling outside the realm of epidemiology, Schaub has nevertheless repeatedly spoken out about the COVID-19 pandemic, arguing about statistics and generally downplaying the entire thing.

In the clip above, Schaub argues for holding UFC events, “Let’s say all of them got Corona ... worst-case scenario, everyone on the card got Corona. 97% chance, they’re going to be fine. Would you bet on that? Look at the chance you getting in a car wreck on the way to work ... that’s the way I look at it, just stats. I take my emotions out of it and look at the stats. Yeah, I’d put it on.”

As it turns out, Schaub’s lack of concern for the virus did not keep him safe. Schaub recently admitted that he contracted COVID-19, though he believes himself to be “almost 100%” after a three day battle with the virus.

Will Schaub’s brush with the virus change his perspective? Somehow, I doubt it. However, it should at least be more difficult for Schaub to write it off entirely after his own experience.


USADA is everywhere, including Fight Island.

There has never been nor will there ever be a bad time for Matt Brown vs. Carlos Condit, a fight UFC has been trying to book for ages now.

Marlon Moraes calls out both Dominick Cruz and Cody Garbrandt:

Trying to imagine what a spectacle this would have been in person is difficult.

Francis Ngannou shifts between trying to strike technically (and hitting really hard) and just trying to kill people (and hitting really hard). Either way, don’t let that guy land!

Breaking down Muay Thai legend John Wayne Parr’s recent surgery and road back to his eventual One Championship debut:

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Hip Resurfacing and Returning to Kickboxing •••••••••••••••••••••••• “The Gunslinger” @johnwayneparr , Muay Thai legend, recently retired from fighting due to severe hip arthritis. Having a long extensive Muay Thai career (147 fights between kickboxing, Muay Thai and boxing) his body eventually broke down and could no longer handle the rigors of fight preparation. Originally it was said he was going to have a full hip replacement. . Typically hip replacements are postponed until an individual is in their 60s. The idea is most replacements last 15-20 years so if the replacement happens too early they may have to do multiple revisions, which is not ideal. Also due to the risk of dislocation with certain hip motions this effectively ends an athletes’s career. The hip position most prone to dislocation is a fully flexed, adducted and internal rotates hip (same position as a round kick). . However after getting second opinions Parr elected to go with a less invasive surgery, a hip resurfacing, which would allow him to keep competing in combat sports. . Advantages of hip resurfacing: the femoral head is not removed, but is instead trimmed and capped with a smooth metal covering. The damaged bone and cartilage within the socket is removed and replaced with a metal shell. With a full hip replacement they also replace the femoral head. This means less material is “replaced”. Also there is less chance of an accidental hip dislocation with extreme hip motions. . Parr is currently recovering from surgery however he has signed with @onechampionship and is planning on making his debut when his hip is ready for the rigors is preparing for a fight.

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Slips, rips, and KO clips

82 years and a couple weeks because I didn’t see this until today — still very cool! But man, referees really hated brains in the ol’ days.

Jiri Prochazka vs. Volkan Oezdemir is going to be FIRE!

This is a better fight scene than any Marvel film.

Random Land

This guy: 1
Potholes: 0

Midnight Music: This week’s “Discover Weekly” cut, courtesy of Kevin Ayers, founding member of English psych rock band The Soft Machine.

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