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Midnight Mania! Sean O’Malley sells out custom jerseys in seconds

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UFC 250: Nunes v Spencer Photo by Mike Roach/Zuffa LLC

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Not long ago, Sean O’Malley revealed that despite selling a high-volume of O’Malley gear through Reebok, “Suga Show” himself only walked away with a very small percentage of that number. He also told of plans to release his own merchandise, speaking cryptically of some big money moves to come.

O’Malley was not kidding around. The Bantamweight prospect released a series of limited edition jerseys, reportedly selling about 100 of them almost instantly at $200 a piece! I don’t know how much a presumably high-quality custom basketball jersey costs to produce, but O’Malley pulled in rough $20,000 in revenue. It certainly seems likely that he profited quite a bit more than that pitiful Reebok check.

In addition, O’Malley auctioned off a pair of jerseys separately. Jersey #69 and #420 were signed and listed on eBay, where O’Malley tested his market value.

The jerseys sold for about $2,000 each.

All in all, the custom jerseys appear to be a successful experiment, demonstrating the serious demand for O’Malley merchandise — and “Suga” himself. When the story about Reebok first broke, I saw quite a few fans on Twitter and readers here on MMAmania questioning if O’Malley really sold that much ... Consider this compelling evidence that O’Malley is a definite hot commodity with major star potential.

O’Malley is currently jawing at many of the division’s biggest names, but he’s set to fight Marlon Vera at UFC 252 in just a couple weeks.


Corey Anderson endured some really scary side effects after his latest knockout loss. Here’s hoping “Overtime” is indeed back at full health and able to make a safe return to competition.

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Its been a long road back.. BUT never the less we are back! . . . . Feb 21st following my last fight I blacked out and collapsed smashing my face on a gravel road after scouting some land for hrs. Ended up in the ER for 5 days running numerous of test and blood work to figure out what happened. I seen a long list of different doctors, all but one said it was do to major concussion and lack of water and food after hiking through the woods for hrs. 1 doctor would tell me it was my heart... that my heart had stopped beating and it could happen again but next time in a fight!! Instantly my wifes face change and my emotions as well. I become angry with doctors bc i was scared internally. I would take many trips to NYU hospital meeting several different specialist during many more test and undergoing 2 very painful outpatient heart procedures to find more evidence to go along with that ONE doctors notes He had put a complete halt to my career as a fighter until it was clear my heart was safe to compete. And as of last monday night, I left hospital for the final time after my last procedure, with clearance note in hand, and the doctor telling me "Congrats Mr. Anderson, I can let you go back to beating people up!" . . . After my fight the commission/medics failed to do the proper after fight check up and I went back to living life as normal. And I paid a hefty price!! This world wind 5 months have put ALOT of things into perspective and as a veteran fighter who in the past has just fought with reckless abandoned with no care for rest and mental health long as I can keep fighting. I advise you other fighters to look after your health if you took some big shots to your head in a fight or practice, take the proper time to recover. It took me having my son sitting there looking at me in a hospital bed to realize there is real life after fighting and I want to be here to enjoy it. Fight smart, train smart, but recover and rest SMARTER!! Use your head while you still have the brains to do so. . Huge thank you to @taylorrpricee of the @ufc who was always on top of getting everything going EVERY STEP OF THE WAY! As well as @aliabdelaziz000 and Hunter Campbell #motivationmonday

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This account is producing a bunch of these animations, and they’re awesome! Expect to see more to come ...

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This is a worthwhile reminder that in both boxing and MMA, records are quite padded, because fans love it! 10-0 sells!

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Hawaii’s volcanic activity is pretty neat.

Midnight Music: Currently in the midst of a socially distant camping trip, and for my money, it doesn’t get more road trip playlist-y than “The Boss.”

Sleep well Maniacs! More martial arts madness is always on the way.