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Robert Whittaker decisions Darren Till in bloody scrap | UFC on ESPN 14

UFC Fight Night: Whittaker v Till Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Robert Whittaker and Darren Till face off tonight (Sat. July 25, 2020) in a main event Middleweight clash from inside “Fight Island” in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. There was much on the line for both strikers, who were hoping to leave the Octagon in strong position to go on a title run. For Whittaker, the Aussie was looking to rebound from his first loss in years, whereas Till was attempting to prove himself a title threat at 185 lbs.

Though Till really represented himself well, Whittaker proved his championship mettle once more, recovering from an early knockdown to do major damage of his own. The final three rounds were plenty competitive, but Whittaker stayed ahead on the strength of low kicks and activity.

Round One

Whittaker lands a pair of early jabs. Till feinting a lot, showing more aggression than usual. Whittaker runs directly into Till, an elbow connects, and the Aussie falls down. Whittaker recovers and is back on his feet. Till scores with a left. Till feints and scores with a left uppercut. Whittaker digs a low kick then checks the return. Whittaker scores with another jab and a low kick. Right hand glances off the chin of Till. A final calf kick from Whittaker ends the round

Round Two

Side kick to the knee scores for Whittaker, followed by a ripping left hook counter. Till kicks the leg several times with quick outside kicks. A big right hand from Whittaker drops the Englishman! Whittaker moves into full guard, lands a hard elbow. Another! Whittaker passes into half guard. Till eats a few more strikes and manages to escape to his feet with roughly two minutes remaining. Outside low kick from Whittaker. Two more. Till’s left hand glances off the guard, as does his high kick. Whittaker misses on a high kick, jams the knee with a side kick in the final exchange.

Round Three

Whittaker again attacks the calf to start the third round. Quick cross scores for Whittaker, but Till lands a nice uppercut in return. Clean cross scores for Till on the counter. Whittaker sticks a jab, misses the cross. Whittaker connects on a lunging overhand. Till lands an uppercut while Till simultaneously lands an uppercut. Sharp jab from Whittaker. Till scores with a knee, dodges a high kick. Whittaker aims for a takedown, lands a left hook on the break. Whittaker attempts another takedown, but it’s stuffed. Till ducks a big switch left hook swing.

Round Four

Whittaker lands an early jab and uppercut, but Till scores with a kick in return. Clean left straight from Till. Calf kick lands twice for Whittaker. Till lands a quick switch kick to the thigh. Till scores with a big left elbow that backs off Whittaker, but the Aussie recovers quickly. Whittaker lands another calf kick. Whittaker reaches for a takedown, whiffs on the right hand. Left hand counter partially connects for Whittaker. Till’s cross scores. The two clinch up, and Whittaker rips a couple uppercuts. Another takedown attempt from Whittaker, who uses the shot to land an elbow and left hook. Whittaker scores with an overhand.

Round Five

Big right hand connects for Whittaker. Whittaker attempts a single leg again but misses the follow up punches. Clean left hand connects for Till. Whittaker kicks the calf then sticks a front kick. Inside low kick from Whittaker scores. Again. Whittaker shoots and lands another punch on the break. Till sticks a left hand. Two more calf kick scores for the Aussie, and they clearly hurt. Takedown attempt to right hand connection scores for Whittaker. Till lands an offensive elbow. Whittaker finally completes a single leg takedown! Till pops back up and is slammed back down twice before returning fully to his feet. The bout ends with Whittaker pressing Till into the fence, and both men are covered in blood.

Result: Robert Whittaker defeats Darren Till via unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 48-47)

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