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Colby Covington slams former UFC champion Tyron Woodley amidst fight negotiations: ‘I’ll retire him’

Kamaru Usman v Colby Covington Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Colby Covington is doing what he can to land a grudge match with former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley, but the pieces just aren’t lining up for the fighter known as “Chaos.”

Earlier this week, Covington revealed a fight contract through social media suggesting the matchup was in the works for UFC’s upcoming event in Las Vegas on Aug. 22. While Covington showed his side of the contract signed Woodley’s portion remained blank. Woodley would eventually take to social media to ensure fight fans he wasn’t ducking “Chaos,” suggesting that the two welterweight contenders collide this fall.

“Why is he not ready to go in August?” Covington asked MMA Junkie. “He just told his manager, that cokehead Malki Kawa at First Round Management, that he wanted to fight Colby last week. We were supposed to fight. He gave his verbal confirmation to the UFC. I gave my verbal confirmation. I signed the contract. Why is he not showing up now? He’s been talking all that sh-t saying I ducked him, this, that. He’s the only one that’s ever ducked me. I’ve never ducked him.

“The one time I couldn’t fight him because I had to get nose surgery, they wanted me to turn around on four weeks’ notice. Let’s talk about the time I scared him into elective shoulder surgery. He was ready to fight lightweights like that soy boy Nate Diaz. That guy’s got nothing, he’s a 50-50 fighter. If he can’t get an easy fight, of course he’s going make excuses, and that’s exactly what he’s doing again.”

It’s no secret that Covington and Woodley have never seen eye-to-eye. Since making his big splash at 170 pounds a few years ago Covington has been trying his best to score a bout with “Chosen One” and prove he is the better athlete inside of the cage. The fight has almost happened a few times — Woodley claims he accepted to fight Covington just last month — but nothing has ever officially materialized.

It’s frustrating to say the least, especially for a fighter like Covington who is finally ready to settle the bad blood.

“All that sh-t that Tyron’s talked, he’s not getting off easy,” Covington said. “He’s going to have to come and hold himself accountable for all the things he said, so whenever Tyron’s ready. I’ll be ready in August, but if he has to push it back to September, then we can do it in September, but he’s not getting out the easy way. I know he wants to show up and be the big brother and save his little brother ‘Street Judas’ Masvidal because ‘Street Judas’ Masvidal is already ducking and diving and looking for any way around not to fight me.

“Send out big brother Tyron ‘Tyquil’ Woodley, and I’ll retire him. Just like I said, I’ve been saying this for years, I’m going to be the one to retire Tyron Woodley, and here it is. When he signs up, when he shows up in that octagon and we settle it off, he will get retired, I promise you that.”

Woodley, 38, has not been the same fighter over the past two years. After winning his UFC welterweight title back in 2016 and defending it three times from 2017-2018, “Chosen One” has lost back-to-back decisions to current champion Kamaru Usman and top contender Gilbert Burns. Now would be the perfect time for Woodley and Covington to finally settle their beef considering both men are in need of a win heading into 2021.

“This fight’s been built up for years, and to not ever give this fight to the people, I know how many people want this fight,” Covington said. “To not give this fight to the people and just all the history that we have and the way you can sell this fight and market this fight? He’s still a former champion. He’s still a great fighter. Yeah, he’s lost two fights in a row, two decision losses, but he’s going to be hungry to fight me.

“He’s a Liberal, I’m a Republican. He hates Trump, I love Trump, so I would want him to come and speak for his actions that he said in the past, talking sh-t about all Republicans. I stand up for every Republican in America right now, and I’m standing up for them. I’m going to go retire this soy boy liberal.”

It should be noted that UFC president Dana White revealed that the company is waiting for Woodley to sign the bout agreement for Aug. 22.

“It’s a fight we’re working on,” White said during UFC Fight Island 2’s pre-fight media scrum (full replay HERE). “Woodley said he wanted to fight him. Woodley’s been talking about fighting Colby Covington since Colby fought (Kamaru) Usman. It is true that Colby signed the deal and he’s ready to go. We’re just waiting on Woodley.”

“I’m always trying to make the fights that should be made or people want to see,” White continued. “People can say whatever they want to say publicly, but behind the scenes, it’s another story. I can’t speak honestly about what’s going on. I’ve been (in Abu Dhabi). But we’re trying to make Woodley vs. Covington, and Covington’s definitely in.”

What say you, Maniacs? Is this the fight to make? Does UFC get Covington vs. Woodley done for next month?

Sound off!

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