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Calvin Kattar bloodies up game Dan Ige | UFC on ESPN 13

UFC Fight Night: Kattar v Ige Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Calvin Kattar and Dan Ige face off tonight (Sat., July 15, 2020) at UFC on ESPN 13 from inside “Fight Island” in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The two dark horses had a real chance in this main event slot to stake their claim as contenders and fully break into the title mix, so stakes were high in a fairly open Featherweight division. Between Kattar’s boxing skill and Ige’s raw aggression, the chances of a boring fight are slim.

Once more, Kattar’s boxing proved a real advantage in this match up. Ige was quick and explosive, but Kattar’s jab and committed body work slowly wore him down over time. In addition, Kattar’s defensive wrestling looked simply elite.

Ige was game, but Kattar was clearly the sharper man.

Round One

Ige strikes first with big swings, missing the head but digging into the body. Ige sticks a couple jabs then rips a low kick. Kattar scores with a jab of his own, pressuring the grappler. Ige digs into the body, but Kattar returns with a clean left uppercut. Kattar’s next punch is a vicious liver hook, prompting a desperation takedown from Ige. Kattar denies it, punches him in the gut again. Kattar scores with a front kick. Ige counters the jab with a right hand. Kattar catches a kick and converts it to a takedown. Kattar rips the mid-section with another left hook as Ige goes to stand. Kattar lands a solid combination, but Ige returns fire with a good right hand counter. Kattar releases a flying knee and combination near the bell.

Round Two

Kattar lands his jab early, stalking his foe. Ige digs his own left hook to the liver. Crisp 1-2 from Kattar. Big counter combination lands for Kattar, but Ige fires a low kick back. Body-head combination for Ige lands. Kattar’s nose is bugging him as another left hooks lands. Right body-left hook combination lands big again for Ige! Stiff jabs connect for Kattar. The two trade in a huge exchange that sees both men land. Kattar really advancing behind that jab towards the end of the round.

Round Three

Ige attacks early in the third with a shift-stance combination. Kattar kicks the mid-section then sticks a jab. Good low kick from Kattar. Kattar finds another uppercut. Hard low kick scores for Ige. Counter right hand cracks into the jaw of Ige. Ige lands another heavy body-head combination. Ige rips the body with two punches, but Kattar digs back with a cross-left body shot combination. Ige lands to the body with a right, and the two trade low kicks. A jab from Kattar seemingly hurts Ige a bit, allowing Kattar to release a big combination. Kattar digs the leg again then lands to the body.

Round Four

Ige attacks the body and nearly lands a takedown to open the championship rounds. Big right hand connects for Kattar. Kattar hits the body then reverses an Ige takedown attempt. Kattar lands an elbow from top position before Ige escapes back to his feet. Kattar lands some kicks as the action slows down a bit. Heavy jab connects for Kattar. Kattar is really controlling range with his jab. Ige scores with a good right. Kattar kicks the inner thigh and flicks out another jab. Ige really seems to have slowed down considerably, which Kattar is adding to by kicking the thigh repeatedly. Kattar lands a side kick at the bell.

Round Five

Kattar jabbing early and lands a three-piece counter combination. Long 1-2 from the boxer. Big right hand counter scores for Kattar, who seems to have the range completely figured out. Ige lands a body shot but eats a hard low kick. Ige lands a right then eats three shots in return. Ige nearly secures a takedown off a caught kick, but Kattar is able to balance his way to the fence and remain on his feet. Ige lands two punches to the mid-section. Another good left hook to the body from Ige. Kattar flurries when ige backs into the fence. Body-head combo lands for Ige. Intercepting knee to the body connects for Kattar, and he denies a takedown. Another knee to the jaw connects for Kattar, who then shucks Ige to the mat and finishes the round with a series of punches.

Result: Calvin Kattar defeats Dan Ige via unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 48-47)

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