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Bisping goes nuts on ‘piece of sh*t’ Dan Henderson after ‘sour old wanker’ craps on ‘Count’s’ commentating

UFC Fight Night: Overeem v Harris Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping was a great fighter and to date, remains a great personality. But in terms of temperament, he’s got the skin of a ballpark frank and probably never heard of that old “sticks and stones” rhyme. Perhaps that’s why “The Count” feels the need to clap back at every minor insult that gets hurled his way.

No doubt longtime rival Dan Henderson was aware of that trigger when he dropped a Bisping joke on social media last weekend, making fun of the blathering Brit for his cageside commentating while reminding the combat sports fan base of what happened at UFC 100.

“Enjoying the fights as much as possible while having to listen to Bisping,” Henderson tweeted during the UFC 251 pay-per-view (PPV) event in Abu Dhabi. “Happy anniversary to the night I put you to bed.”

The one-eyed Bisping, who retired from active competition roughly two years back, took a break from his live commentating duties to offer a composed, measured retort for his fellow Ultimate Fighter “US vs. UK” coach.

“Yeah on steroids mate,” Bisping said. “You cheating cunt. No honor, no surprise. Then I beat you with one eye. Get fucked sour bitch. Never won the UFC belt. Don’t be sour you old wanker. Now disappear back to obscurity. Drinking again and reliving your old glory. All polite to my face and talk shit online. Didn’t have you down as a keyboard warrior.”

Henderson spent a good portion of his career on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), which was later outlawed by the “uneducated” Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC). Bisping captured a decision win over “Hendo” in their UFC 204 rematch.

“Surprised you saw this, guess you’re not keeping your one eye on the fights as you’re supposed to be commentating,” Henderson continued. “No wonder why your commentating is shit.”

Which led to ...

“Says the guy that’s totally irrelevant,” Bisping said. “Go on, insult my eye. So what. Shows what a true piece of shit you are. But you say ‘hi’ when you see me. A real disgrace to the flag that you fly. Doesn’t surprise me. Total fake, should of known, steroid cheating cunt! Hey loser. Want me to lend you a few quid to keep your failing gym open? I make more in a month talking in my underwear what you do in a year. Washed up old cunt. Truth hurts doesn’t it. Lousy steroid taking cunt. Fucking true boomer. How’s being broke? Disappear after this like you have from everyone’s consciousness. I actually respected you, I gave you lots of props on my upcoming documentary. Regardless of your cheating I still thought you were a decent man. Looks like I was wrong.”

Sadly, the UFC balked at Vitor Belfort’s plans to create a “Legends League” in UFC so unless the ringmasters in Japan want to cook something up for later this year, the chances of getting a Bisping-Henderson rubber match are remote.

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