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UFC 251’s Kamaru Usman fires back at ‘bum ass’ Nate Diaz - ‘STFU with your double digit losses’

Nate Diaz was quick to slam both Kamaru Usman and Gilbert Burns for accepting a Welterweight title fight at UFC 251 on July 11, 2020 on what he feels were all on the promotion’s terms and not the fighters.

Now, “The Nigerian Nightmare” is firing back at Diaz after the Stockton slugger insinuated that Usman settled on facing the only man who was willing to take less pay for a world title fight, not necessarily the most worthy.

“Your Bum Ass, the other “said guy” (Jorge Masvidal) who just embarrassed your ass, and McNuggets bum ass all ran and hid. So shut TF up and Sit TF down. Oh and don’t forget to buy the PPV,” Usman wrote on Twitter before hitting Nate with some facts.

In the end, Usman preferred not to spend anymore time disputing with a fighter who has double digit defeats on his resume.

“Bottom line, if you got double digit L’s shut TF up and sit yo Bum Ass TF down. Oh and once again don’t forget to buy the PPV.”

It’s well known that Jorge Masvidal asked for more money to face “The Nigerian Nightmare” and didn’t get it, which is why the promotion moved on to Burns. Of course, Leon Edwards was next on the call list but couldn’t accept due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Nevertheless, Burns was given the opportunity of a lifetime and wasn’t about to pass it up, even if it does mean trying to punch a hole in his friend and training partner’s face to achieve his own combat dreams.

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