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Just like everyone else, Amanda Nunes is done with 2020

Following her dominant decision victory over Felicia Spencer at UFC 250, Nunes plans on taking the rest of 2020 off to prepare for motherhood.

Forget women’s bantamweight and featherweight, Amanda Nunes is turning her attention toward someone between five and eight pounds. The women’s double champ is expecting a baby in September with her wife and fellow UFC fighter Nina Ansaroff, so this latest blanking of Felicia Spencer on the judges’ scorecards at UFC 250 will probably be her last fight for 2020 (watch the highlights here).

“A break for sure,” Nunes said following her victory. “The baby come in three months. I have to organize a lot of things, her room. I have to do so many things and I really need a break now. I think maybe off for sure. I have to do a couple things and be ready for my baby.”

Not that it’s that big of a deal for her divisions, since Nunes has cleared both of them out. Women’s featherweight is such a ghost division that UFC doesn’t even bother to share rankings for it on its website. At 135 pounds, Nunes has defeated the top two contenders, while those ranked three through five have struggled to amass even two fight win streaks. Six plus months of round robin action might be exactly what the weight class needs to build a new credible threat to Nunes’ throne.

After a near-perfect fight against Spencer (and a half-million dollars in her bank account), Nunes was practically bursting with joy during the post-fight press conference. Becoming the double champ was cool, she said, but defending both belts cements her place in the record books. And she’s not done yet.

“I’m very happy, I just can’t wait to see my baby,” she said. “Life is perfect. I’m just loving this fun ride and the joy of every single day, trying to be a good person and knowing life will give it back. I don’t want to do bad for anybody. I just want to keep making history.”

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