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UFC 250 results: Amanda Nunes dominates Felicia Spencer, wins bloody lopsided decision

The best female mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter of all time, Amanda Nunes, was back in action tonight (Sat., June 6, 2020) looking to be the first fighter to hold two belts simultaneously and defend them both, taking on former Invicta FC Featherweight champion, Felicia Spencer, in the pay-per-view (PPV) main event of UFC 250, which took place inside UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Spencer, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialist, was a significant underdog; however, she went the distance (in defeat) with Cris Cyborg, so the Canadian proved that she was no pushover. Indeed, Nunes was going to need to put in work if she wanted to make UFC history.

Round one:

Both fighters touched gloves to get the action started, with Nunes landing first with a soft low kick. Spencer rushed in looking for a takedown, hoping to get the fight on her terms, and Nunes made her pay with a hard right hand. Nunes followed it up moments later with another hard cross, but Spencer unsurprisingly wore it well. Nunes connected again, but Spencer shook it off and pressed the champion up against the fence. She tried for a takedown, but Nunes reversed and tossed her to the mat like a ragdoll. Nunes attempted to work from side control, but Spencer squirmed and eventually got to a seated position. Nunes pushed her back down to the canvas and nailed her with a hard left. Spencer tried to smother her mouth, but Nunes posted up and drilled her with hard elbows. Spencer was trying to work from the bottom, but Nunes was cutting her up with more elbows. Spencer tried to work some jiu-jitsu from the bottom, but Nunes nailed her again with another elbow before the round came to a close.

Round two:

Spencer didn’t seem too damaged between rounds despite the punishment, storming out of her corner for round two looking to mix it up. Nunes stalked her around the Octagon, finally landing a low kick one minute in that crumpled her knee. She followed it up with a hard overhand, but Spencer kept on trucking. Spencer disguised a combination as a takedown entry, but Nunes once again used it against her, reversing position and punishing her on the ground before they returned to their feet. Nunes connected with another overhand right as Spencer circled to avoid eating another. Nunes whipped out a spinning elbow along the cage, but Spencer blocked it. Nunes connected with a low kick, then a jab to the belly as the second stanza came to a close.

Round three:

Spencer, clearly down two rounds, was still smiling and eager coming out for the third round. She landed a solid knee to open up the action, but Nunes just smiled and fired off another overhand haymaker. She continued to be aggressive, while Spencer barreled in for another failed takedown. Nunes connected with a short left-hand hook, knocking out Spencer’s mouthpiece. She followed up with a pair of one-two combinations that sent Spencer crashing backward into the cage from their sheer force. Nunes tossed Spencer to the canvas shortly thereafter, but refused to play her game. Once back on their feet, Nunes began to really open the throttle — overhands, low kicks, high kicks, etc. Spencer, to her credit, continued to soldier on, but Nunes was toying with her at this point. Nunes scored again with an uppercut, a straight kick to the belly then a low kick that really seemed to hurt her — Spencer’s lead leg was seriously compromised heading into the championship rounds.

Round four:

Spencer came out of her corner looking to just get the fight to the ground, but Nunes nailed her with yet another low kick then another hard overhand right. Spencer’s lead leg was becoming a serious liability and Nunes was acutely aware, targeting on what seemed like every other strike. Nunes was just having her way at this point, landing a standing elbow — then a spinning back to the body — as Spencer was just in survival mode. Spencer pulled guard and invited Nunes to come to the canvas, but the champion, wisely, wasn’t going to fall into that trap. Nunes bounced jabs off Spencer’s forehead, then another leg kick that clearly bothered the Canadian. Nunes started to unload with heavy combinations along the fence, which made referee Herb Dean a little uneasy, then with 10 seconds remaining in the round, Nunes locked in a rear-naked choke, but Spencer was saved by the bell.

Round five:

Spencer, battered and bruised, came out for the fifth and final even though there was a legitimate case to be made that her corner should have called the fight between rounds. One minute into the round, Nunes got her on the canvas and was seemingly just biding her time, perhaps no longer interested in abusing Spencer further. From the bottom, Spencer continued to battle back, even angling for a kimura, but it was clear she was spent — her forehead was split wide open and Nunes wasn’t even really going for a finish. Finally, Nunes stood up and kicked a bloodied Spencer until she returned to her feet. Dean used the opportunity to call in the ringside physician, who cleaned up Spencer, checked her cut and allowed her to return to action. Nunes then drilled her with hard shots, tossed her to the mat and kicked her legs until the final bell buzzed.

Spencer proved once again she is tough as hell, while Nunes proved once again she is the best ever.

FINAL RESULT: Amanda Nunes defeats Felicia Spencer via unanimous decision

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