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‘Embarrassed’ Jon Jones says latest ‘humiliating’ DWI arrest has been a reality check

Jon Jones was arrested on March 26, 2020, on suspicion of Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) in Albuquerque, N.M., after police officers responded to shots being fired from a vehicle. After arriving on scene, officers found a hand gun under Jones’ car seat and an open bottle of Mezcal in his vehicle.

Jones was taken into custody after failing a field sobriety test and was eventually released the following morning. After striking a plea deal with prosecutors, Jones received one year of supervised probation, community service and four days of house arrest after pleading guilty to DWI.

Three months removed from the incident, “Bones” reflected on his latest brush with Johnny Law, saying that his most recent “humiliating” legal transgression was a reality check.

“My last DWI has done a lot for me, man. It set me free in so many ways, it embarrassed me. It reality-checked me. I’ve never been on camera drunk for the public to see like that,” Jones told the Steve-O podcast.

“It was humiliating and somewhat of a bottom for me and I am ready to snap it into high gear.”

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) didn’t punish the Light Heavyweight champion this time around, though in 2015 the promotion suspended and stripped Jones of his UFC title after a hit-and-run, a much more serious incident.

Still, UFC’s decision to not punish its superstar champion didn’t seem do much in easing any friction the two sides had regarding fighter pay, as “Bones” threatened to vacate his title two months later as a result of financial disagreements.

More recently, Jones, 32, once again stated that he has no issues with leaving the sport for a couple of years to stick firm in his stance of getting paid his worth to the sport and company.

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