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QAnon cutman regrets ‘embarrassment’ over UFC patch flak, promises not to overthrow government

Protestors rally at Oregon State Capitol Photo by John Rudoff/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Great news!

Turns out longtime MMA cutman Don House is not trying to overthrow the government, despite the fact that he wore a QAnon patch on his sleeve during the UFC on ESPN 11 broadcast last weekend in Las Vegas.

“All the conspiracy, all the stuff they say about the group, I’ve got nothing to do with that,” House told MMA Fighting. “I just like the message: Where we go one, we go all. My message is simple. It’s not about I signed up for a club that wants to overthrow the government. I’m not a part of that nonsense. But I do like the message where it talks about everyone being as one in the United States, and the planet, for that matter. That’s my message.”

UFC launched an investigation on Monday after House willingly violated the promotion’s dress code. CNN describes QAnon as a “broad-scale internet-based conspiracy theory founded on a belief that a high-level government official — ‘Q’ — sprinkles clues on internet message boards about a massive ‘deep state’ conspiracy.”

House just likes the message of unity.

“If I’d known I’d get this much flak, I would have never worn the thing, to be honest with you,” House continued. “People’s belief is their personal belief. That was mine. I didn’t know it would cause this much controversy. Do I regret it? Yeah, I do, the embarrassment for the UFC and to Dana, because he is a friend of mine. But do I believe that we as Americans should be one? I will until the day I die.”

As of this writing, UFC has yet to decide if the infraction warrants any punitive action.

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