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Midnight Mania! Sean O’Malley claims he only made $3k off $1 million worth of Reebok sales

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

In case anyone was still holding out hope all these years later, further confirmation that the Reebok deal is bad for fighters has arrived.

Sean O’Malley went on Brendan Schaub’s “Food Truck Diaries” to discuss his recent rise, thoughts on training, and overall approach to his newfound stardom. One such topic the two dug into was merchandise, as O’Malley revealed that Reebok has only paid him a small percentage for the massive amount of “Suga Show” shirts and gear sold.

“I got royalties from Reebok,” O’Malley explained. “If I read it right, which I think I did, and I even sent it to my dad like, ‘Did I read this right?’ He said yes, so unless we both can’t read. They made over a million dollars on all my merch, and I got like $3,000.

“It’s ridiculous. I thought I got 15%, but they’re like ‘Well, you get 15% of this, but of this, and then these guys get it, and then you get 50% of that.’ I’m like holy sh*t. Then, they make all these sweet shirts on Reebok ... and I’m like don’t buy that!”

Even without the exact numbers that O’Malley is referring to — as well as whether the million dollar figure is referring to gross or net revenue — it’s pretty clear that O’Malley is not getting a fair percentage of his name value. Fortunately, O’Malley also revealed that he has plans to put out shirts himself in the future, hinting at signing with major representation “not for fights” to help him grow the “Suga” brand.


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