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Curtis Blaydes wrestles Alexander Volkov for the majority of five rounds | UFC on ESPN 11

Curtis Blaydes and Alexander Volkov face off tonight (Sat. June 20, 2020) at UFC on ESPN 11 inside UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada. Rarely will you see a main event with a more stark contrast in styles. Blaydes is dedicated to his role as the crushing wrestler, while Volkov has made a career out of beating up shorter man at long distance. Both men were creeping up on a title shot, which definitely added to the intrigue of this bout between top-ranked big men.

Heavyweight main events can be majorly hit-or-miss, but this one impressed! Blaydes dominated the first 15 minutes, but Volkov made it a fight in the championship rounds.

Round One

It took Blaydes less than 10 seconds to snatch up a leg and throw Volkov to his back. However, Volkov works up to his feet quickly, giving up the back clinch in the process. Blaydes forces his foe back to the mat. Blaydes focused on digging knees into the thigh. Blaydes landed a big slam as Dominick Cruz and Michael Bisping argue about grappling stalemates. More butt knees! Blaydes may not be doing major damage, but he’s completely controlling Volkov from turtle. Volkov briefly attempts a kimura. Blaydes finishes the round in top position.

Round Two

Blaydes lands some big punches to start the second, but Volkov fires back and scores too. Big right hand snaps back the jaw of Volkov. Another right connects for Blaydes, who then dropped into an easy double leg takedown. Volkov wall-walks back to his feet, but Blaydes secures the two-on-one control behind the back and trips him down once again. Blaydes lands some short punches from within the guard as the action slows back down. Suddenly, Blaydes lands a pair of hard elbows. Volkov back up! Scores a body kick! Blaydes punches him in the mid-section and takes him down once more before the bell.

Round Three

Blaydes lands another right as the two trade early. Volkov manages to stuff Blaydes shot 20 seconds into the round! Body kick lands for Volkov. Volkov stuffs another takedown, this one poorly set up. Volkov lingers too long on the cage, and he’s put on his back. Volkov tries to threaten a guillotine, but it goes nowhere. Blaydes triangles the legs and lands some decent punches, then a big knee to the mid-section. Blaydes is back in the turtle position. Volkov sits back on another guillotine, but his back is to the fence, and he’s stuck. Volkov returns to his feet with 15 seconds remaining, but he’s unable to make anything happen.

Round Four

Snapping body kick lands early for Volkov, but his second attempt sees him dragged back to the mat. Volkov works back to his feet rather quickly, but he cannot escape the clinch and is forced down again. Back up, and this time he separates! Blaydes drives into another takedown attempt, but it’s stuffed! Good left hand scores for Blaydes. Blaydes drops down and gets another takedown into full guard. The action stalls from that position, but Volkov does land some decent elbows from his back. Herb Dean stands them back up with 40 seconds remaining, and Blaydes eats a knee! Volkov lands a double leg of his own against the fence! Volkov finishes the round throwing punches.

Round Five

Volkov stings his foe with an early jab, stalking his foe. Volkov denies a takedown with an uppercut. Body kick from Volkov connects partially on the chin as Blaydes ducks forward. Blaydes shoots a double leg and finishes the takedown with a trip. Blaydes circles around his foe to the turtle position yet again. Volkov stands back up and denies a takedown! 2:30 remaining! Another takedown attempt from Blaydes is stuffed. Blaydes eventually finishes another takedown and avoids a triangle choke. Blaydes is exhausting, trying to throw enough to prevent a stand up. The bout ends with Blaydes in top position.

Final Result: Curtis Blaydes defeats Alexander Volkov via unanimous decision (49-46, 48-47, 48-46)

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