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Tim Sylvia asked UFC to pay for infection on arm Frank Mir broke 16 years ago, gets shut down

In 2004, Tim Sylvia suffered one of the nastiest bone breaks ever in a mixed martial arts (MMA) fight after Frank Mir snapped his arm like a twig at UFC 48 with an armbar. Sixteen years later, “The Maine-iac” is still having lingering issues with that injury.

Indeed, Sylvia posted a photo on social media of an infection that is being caused by screws used to repair the injury working their way out of Sylvia's arm. After going in for a check up, Sylvia’s doctors decided to ring up Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) about covering the costs. However, Sylvia and Co. were denied.

“So my arm been giving me problems for over a year now. The screws are backing out from my arm break when I fought Frank Mir. My Dr. Contacted the UFC cause it was paid for by them the first time. Sort of under workman’s comp.

“The UFC says it’s not there problem and will not cover it,” he continued. “I don’t have insurance and it’s going to cost well over 10,000 dollars to get fixed. Any thoughts on what i should do?”

If Sylvia (or his doctor) would have read up on the Jon Jones saga over the last few days, he would have known that the promotion is in serious penny-pinching mode at the moment — trying to get them to fork over cash in the midst of a financial crisis is a huge ask. And since Sylvia hasn’t been with the promotion for more than 12 years, there does not appear to be a legitimate case for medical compensation at this time.

Sylvia last competed in 2013, losing to Ruslan Magomedov at Fight Nights: “Battle of Moscow 13.”

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