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Who needs a hospital? Miesha Tate gave birth on her bathroom floor

Tate’s second child arrived so quickly the former UFC champ didn’t even have time to make it out of her house.

Johnny Nunes - Instagram

The birth of a healthy new child is a beautiful thing, no matter where it happens. So let’s all take a moment to congratulate Miesha Tate on the new addition to her family that arrived so suddenly she didn’t have time to make it to the hospital.

“Daxton Wylder Nunez was born at 8:20am June 14th in our home,” Tate shared on Instagram. “We welcomed our son as a family..... it was perfectly imperfect and I am over the moon!”

Pictures show Tate and her fighter husband Johnny Nunez crying and cradling their bundle of joy on the bathroom floor.

“Such a strong little man wanted to come into this world so quick he decided to come in our very own bathroom,” Nunes wrote in his own social media post. “What an experience to deliver your own child. It’s a bond we both will have for the rest of our lives. Momma was such a trooper!”

We’d expect nothing less from Tate, whose career in the UFC already proved just how tough and capable she is in any situation. Just a few days ago she was a whopping 40 weeks pregnant but as patient as she was earning her UFC title.

“40 weeks +2 days, I’m not thrilled but No, I won’t be getting induced,” Tate wrote in another Instagram. “Fun fact, you’re not actually overdue until 2 weeks past the EDD (Estimated Due Date). Only 4% of babies are born on their EDD so clearly it’s not that accurate. I’m ranting but it needs to be said. Hospitals are run like most businesses, to be efficient and to make money.”

“Don’t get me wrong I’m grateful to have hospitals & doctors, I transferred my last home birth to a hospital and this time I will be at the hospital to give birth as well BUT I searched high & low to find a doctor & facility (they have birthing tubs yay!) that would support my desire to have only absolutely medically necessary interventions with a doctor who trusts women to birth their babies naturally.”

In the end, Tate and Nunes took natural to the next level and just delivered the damn baby themselves without issue, and the hospital won’t be getting their business on this one.

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