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Cynthia Calvillo picks apart Jessica Eye, announces herself as new Flyweight contender | UFC on ESPN 10

Jessica Eye and Cynthia Calvillo face off tonight (Sat. June 13, 2020) at UFC on ESPN 10 inside UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada. While the bout is hardly an ideal main event, it’s impossible to deny the title implications. Eye enters as the top-ranked contender at 125 lbs., a spot which Calvillo was hoping to steal in her Flyweight debut.

Round One
Eye looks to establish her jab early. Calvillo connects with a solid left hook. Calvillo moving on the outside, eats a jab then attacks the mid-section. Eye scores with a right hand then eats a jab. Good low kick from Calvillo. The women continue to trade jabs when Calvillo goes high with a left kick that lands well. Clean right hand scores for Eye. Another left high kick lands clean for Calvillo. Eye continues to stalk her foe, but she’s looking a bit flat-footed. Eye punches the mid-section well in combination, eats a couple jabs. Teh two women trade punches to the bell to finish a close round.
Round Two
Eye lands early with a 1-2, but Calvillo scores with a left. Neither woman is moving her head much, which means both are landing when they throw simultaneously. Calvillo shoots for the first time, eats a knee, then finishes the takedown with a trip! After a minute of control, Eye moves to stand, and Calvillo threatens a back take. Eye nearly denies the transition, but Calvillo is able to pull her foe off the fence and jump on. Calvillo fully secures back mount on the ground. Calvillo staying heavy but isn’t throwing a ton of strikes despite the dominant position. Calvillo finally starts to land with about 40 seconds remaining. Eye spins into guard at the very last second.
Round Three
Back on the feet, the athletes are jabbing from the outside. Eye stings Calvillo with a jab. Calvillo rips into the thigh with a nice kick. Eye lands a good counter right, but she isn’t throwing enough volume. Eye connects with a body-head combination, eats an overhand. Eye connects with a big right hand, prompting a successful trip takedown from the grappler. Eye tries to force a stand up, resulting in another back take from Calvillo. She finishes the round in that position.
Round Four
Calvillo continues to circle the outside, but this time she scores the takedown early! Immediately, Calvillo wraps up the neck and passes guard. Seconds later, Calvillo is on the back! Calvillo punches the side of the head as Eye tries to strip off her hooks. Eye is totally trapped, unable to shake Calvillo from her preferred position. Finally, Eye escapes back to her feet and starts walking her foe down. Eye stuffs a takedown for the first time. Eye lands a couple solid right hands as Calvillo starts looking tired. Calvillo still able to stick her foe with some jabs despite the fatigue.
Round Five
Jab-jab-jab-jab — the two women poke each other on the nose repeatedly as neither moves her head. Now, it’s Calvillo moving forward for once. Calvillo is content to strike for the time being, sticking her opponent with straight shots as the faster athlete. Heavy jab and right hand stings Eye, who’s now bleeding. Eye connects with a couple good punches, but again, it’s way too little at this point in the fight. Calvillo scores partially with a spinning backfist, and she’s really running away with the fight. Eye connects on perhaps her best right of the fight, but Calvillo eats it. Calvillo secures another trip takedown. Calvillo attempts a Peruvian necktie but cannot get it. The round ends with Eye missing on her swings.

Final Result: Cynthia Calvillo defeats Jessica Eye via unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 48-47)

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