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Tito Ortiz plans to retire from MMA, become a police officer — ‘I realized cops are the good guys’

“I’m going to be a police officer,” Ortiz wrote on social media. “I can help bring respect back to officers.”

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz plans to retire from mixed martial arts (MMA) this year. But don’t expect him to sit home on the couch drinking beer, because “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” has other plans.

I know it’s not the time for jokes, considering how much pain and suffering there is right now in America, but I grew up on those Police Academy movies and the idea of Ortiz trying to memorize the Miranda warning is nothing short of hilarious.

“I plan on it,” Ortiz told TMZ Sports about becoming a place officer. “It just depends on what ranking I want to do. Do I want to be a sheriff or do I want to be a police officer? I haven’t really made my decision yet. I’m actually going to go to L.A. in the next few days and go do a ride-along with one of my friends. I’ll be fighting one more time this year. I want to hang ’em up, but, I want to do something else that will not just keep that excitement going but just do what’s right for the country. Do what’s right for the city, for my city.”

I guess now is a good time to mention that Ortiz, a longtime supporter of President Donald Trump, believes George Floyd died from a heart condition and that a stunt double was used to arrest disgraced police officer Derek Chauvin.

“All of the sudden when Biden said ‘If you ain’t vote for me you ain’t black,’” Ortiz said on social media. “What’s the best way to do it? Oh let’s go ahead and let a officer supposedly kill a black guy. You know he died from a heart condition right? It wasn’t suffocation. Crazy. It’s not right. I’m not saying it’s right. It’s completely wrong. The cop should have never did that. But the cop that got arrested looks nothing like the cop that did it. Crazy. The only reason I say this shit is because I speak the truth.”

Ortiz, who turned 45 earlier this year, is coming off a first-round submission win over Alberto Del Rio under the Combate Americas banner last December. A date and opponent for his farewell fight have yet to be determined.

“Growing up as a kid I was always told the cops are the bad guys, cops are the bad guys, cops are the bad guys, but as I grew up I became a citizen who gave back to my community, I realized cops are the good guys,” Ortiz said. “The cops are the ones protecting us and they’re there to help, without a doubt.”

Be sure to hide your chickens.

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