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Dave Meltzer confronted ‘drunk’ friend Bas Rutten for hitting on his wife

Dave Meltzer laughs about an awkward encounter between him, his wife and Bas Rutten.

Dave Meltzer is reflecting on a rather amusing encounter with Bas Rutten from back in the day.

Meltzer elaborated on how he once had to confront his friend, Rutten, after he made a rather obvious move on Meltzer’s wife. The mixed martial arts (MMA) and professional wrestling insider shared the story on episode four of The Insiders.

“We were at a show in Vegas and Bas Rutten pretty much hit on my wife — she was upset,” Meltzer recalled. “It was a pretty strong hit and he was drunk. What do you do? It’s Bas Rutten, right? Thank God I was friends with Bas Rutten. I went up to him and told him. I’m thinking, ‘I hope he remembers that we’re friends,’” Meltzer laughed. “I don’t want to start a fight with him. He came over and apologized, ‘I’m so sorry, I love you, Dave.’ That was it.”

“She knew Bas, she was an MMA fan. She knew exactly who he was,” Meltzer added. “It was a weird couple of seconds of, ‘He is drunk and he may not remember who I am. This could be real bad.’ But you gotta do what you gotta do in that kind of situation.”

What would you do if Bas Rutten hit on your wife?

Timestamps are below for the video above:
0:56 - Dave Meltzer and MMA
3:33 - Early Days of MMA
5:56 - How Important is the Meltzer Rating?
8:21 - Are Fighters Low-Key Fans of the Media?
9:40 - Has MMA Media Lost Power?
11:13 - Industry Corruption
15:09 - Accusations Against Dave Meltzer
18:05 - Challenges of Doing Radio
20:01 - Bas Rutten & Your Wife
22:24 - Did WWE Fail Mauro Ranallo?
24:17 - Past and Future of MMA/Pro-Wrestling
27:17 - Japan’s Influence on North America
30:45 - Shak S—t’s His Pants

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