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Fresh off his deadlift world record, ‘The Mountain’ agrees to box fellow strongman Eddie Hall in Las Vegas

That huge guy from Game of Thrones, best known as “The Mountain” so that dummies like me don’t have to try to pronounce Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson, recently broke the world deadlift record with a staggering weight of 501 kilograms (1,105 lbs.).

The previous record holder, Eddie Hall, shat on the achievement because it was performed out of competition, which led to a protracted social media feud that somehow ended with both strongmen agreeing to box next year in Las Vegas.

I can’t imagine why promoters are waiting until Sept. 2021 for what’s already being billed as “the heaviest boxing match of all time.” After all, CM Punk had two years to train for his first professional fight and it clearly made no difference.

Anyway, the jawing jocks have 16 months to work on their conditioning. Is it too much to ask for one full round before someone drops dead of a heart attack?

The last time we saw “The Mountain” throwing hands, he was sparring with then-featherweight contender Conor McGregor, who claims to have “folded” the Icelander with a series of brutal body blows.

“I’m next,” KSW headliner and former “World’s Strongest Man,” Mariusz Pudzianowski, wrote on social media. “Only I’m old strong man.”

Instagram comment of the night came from sethmorrison47kg: “12, 30-second rounds with 10-minute breaks.”

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