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Gilbert Burns drops Woodley, dominates for five rounds | UFC on ESPN 9

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After much delay as Tyron Woodley searched for a replacement opponent, he faces Gilbert Burns tonight (Sat. May 30, 2020) at UFC on ESPN 9 from inside UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada. A hugely important bout for each man, Woodley was attempting to recover from a devastating title loss and return to the title picture. Alternatively, Burns rode a serious wave of momentum into his first main event slot, as “Durinho” was also trying to prove himself a title contender.

Round One
Woodley opens with a jab and overhand that missed. Low kick scores for Burns. Gigantic overhand connects for Burns, rocking his opponent badly. “Durinho” lands some follow up shots and put Woodley on his back. Seconds later, Burns mounts his opponent. Short punches land onto a bloody Woodley. Burns giving his foe zero space to escape. Woodley suddenly bursts free and escapes to his feet! Body kick scores for Burns. Ripping calf kick scores for Burns. Burns digs another low kick. One more body kick for Burns, who followed up with a sharp left hook.

Round Two
Woodley lands a solid right to start the second, followed by a second right. Body jab from “T-Wood.” Calf kick lands for Burns. Woodley staying evasive. Burns times a Woodley right hand perfectly, nails his foe with a double leg takedown. Burns lands a knee to the mid-section as Woodley wall-walks. Burns punches Woodley twice when Woodley stands up. The two reverse position along the fence, but Burns is slightly more active with knees and punches. The round ends in the clinch.
Round Three
Burns opens with an inside low kick. Jab-hook land for the Brazilian. Crisp right hand connects for Woodley. Burns lands two right hands, and the second momentarily wobbles the former champion. Good overhand scores for Woodley. Burns digs another low kick. Woodley returns a low kick! Burns punches the body then rips the calf. Burns scores with a body kick. Woodley lands a right to the body. Burns digs a kick into the body when Woodley goes Southpaw. Another body kick for the Brazilian. Right low kick and left hook connect for Burns.

Round Four
Burns backs his foe into the fence almost immediately. He lands a left hook, ducks under a right perfectly, but this time Woodley’s powerful hips stop the shot. Woodley pushes Burns into the fence then gets reversed. Woodley pushes his foe back, but Burns is punching much more. Calf kick wobbles Woodley. Sharp jab from “Durinho.” Burns fires a huge combination, momentarily dropping Woodley and forcing him to wrestle. Burns lands a trip along the fence to take top position. He lands some short punches from half guard and attacks a guillotine with short time remaining. Woodley defends smartly and survives.

Round Five
Woodley came out firing with five minutes remaining, but Burns digs another low kick in response. Burns drives into a double leg takedown, but Woodley defends along the fence. The action stalls out in the clinch as Burns looks for trips. The two are separated at the midway point in the round. Burns rips into the leg again. Woodley lands a solid right hook. Burns kicks the body. Burns ducks a left hook and moves the fight into the clinch again. Burns kicks the leg once more. Left hook lands for the Brazilian. Woodley whiffs on a right hand at the bell.

Final Result: Gilbert Burns defeats Tyron Woodley via unanimous decision (50-45, 50-44, 50-45) delivered LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC on ESPN 9 fight card all night long RIGHT HERE.

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