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UFC on ESPN 9 results: Augusto Sakai brawls past Blagoy Ivanov for split-decision victory

Augusto Sakai and Blagoy Ivanov faced each other in a Heavyweight clash tonight (Sat., May 30, 2020) at UFC on ESPN 9, which took place inside UFC APEX in Las Vegas, Nevada. After a back-and-forth fight, Sakai was awarded the split-decision win.

Sakai struck first with a front kick. Sakai landed a solid low kick. Ivanov surged forward and landed a right hook. Good left hand landed for Ivanov. Combination scored for the Bulgarian, but Sakai fired a kick back. Another left for Ivanov. Ivanov targeted the body with a cross. One more! Chopping low kick from Sakai. Sakai pushed into the clinch and landed some punches. Sakai scored with a body kick. Ivanov scored to the mid-section and face with left hands then pushed into the clinch momentarily. Sakai ripped a pair of kicks to the inside leg and body. Ivanov landed some good punches from the clinch near the bell, but he ate a low kick too.

Big left hand from Ivanov started the second, and he ripped the body soon after. Sakai chopped the lead leg once again. Hard counter right hand landed for the Brazilian. Sakai stuffed a takedown. Ivanov landed a body shot, ate a right hand. The fight moved into the clinch when Sakai jammed his foe into the fence, but he wasn’t able to do much with it. More body punches from Ivanov. Two heavy low kicks scored for Sakai, but Ivanov cracked him with a counter. LOUD body kick landed for Sakai. Back in the clinch, Sakai landed some knees to the mid-section. Two more low kicks landed for Sakai. Sakai scored with a heavy body kick and left hook. Ivanov began to limp after another low kick. The Bulgarian connected on a 1-2. Ivanov ducks down and lands a single leg takedown into half guard, but he wasn’t able to land much significant before the bell.

Sakai opened the final frame with a good low kick. Ivanov landed a glancing overhand followed by a jab. Sakai jammed a front kick into the mid-section. Good right hook scored for the Brazilian. Overhand landed for Ivanov. Snapping jab nailed Sakai, who then jumped into a body knee. Another hard front kick up the middle for the Brazilian. Sakai landed a good counter right and a jab. Solid jab scored for Ivanov. Ivanov punched the mid-section. The two traded punches in the clinch. Sakai grabbed the fence to defend a takedown then scored with a big left hook. Good lead hook for the Bulgarian. Sakai landed a pair of counter punches then ate a huge overhand. Sakai landed a heavy body kick before the bell.

It was quite competitive throughout the entire 15 minutes, but the judges ultimately awarded the bout to Sakai, whose kicks did quite a bit of damage.

Result: Augusto Sakai defeats Blagoy Ivanov via split-decision (29-28, 27-30, 29-28)

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