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Video: Mike Tyson loses first fight back inside the ring … to his own t-shirt

Wait ‘til we get our Hanes on off you! No seriously, please wait, this may take awhile.

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson was back inside the ring on Weds. night (May 27, 2020) as a special guest for All Elite Wrestling (AEW), in a spot that appeared to outright copy what World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) did back in 1998, when Tyson caused a riot by shoving “Stone Cold” Steve Austin (see that segment here).

Unfortunately for “Iron” Mike, AEW producers did not take into account that he’s now 53 years old, or maybe they failed to realize that when Hulk Hogan used to tear his t-shirt off back in the 80’s, he was using a stunt tee that easily ripped apart.

Watching Tyson struggle against 100-percent cotton was kinda sad.

Anyway, this video was worth passing along because it also featured Henry Cejudo, who recently shocked the mixed martial arts (MMA) world by retiring from Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the same place Vitor Belfort — also part of the Tyson segment — left back in 2018.

As for Tyson, he’s expected to make a boxing comeback at some point later this year, or perhaps early 2020 for a charity or exhibition one-off and the money has already started pouring in, to the tune of $20 million and beyond.

That should be enough to afford a t-shirt that rips itself.

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