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Dana White lost $15k betting on his boy Tom Brady during charity golf match

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Golfers and NFL quarterbacks united on Sunday to go head-to-head in a charity golf game that raised $20 million for coronavirus relief. And as with most charity windfalls, nobody really knows how the money will get distributed or in what capacity, but who cares? We have a FEEL-GOOD STORY!

Tiger Woods joined forces with former Colts quarterback Peyton Manning to take on the team of Phil Mickelson and ex-Patriots general Tom Brady last Sunday at Medalist Golf Club in Hobe Sound, Florida, which only costs a mere $110,000 to join.

UFC President Dana White, who continues to be disappointed by the new Tampa Bay quarterback, dropped $15,000 on Team Mickelson-Brady at +170 ... only to see it go up in smoke.

That said, Brady did drain one hell of a shot.

“I take my hat off to Tom and Peyton,” Woods said after the match (via BBC). “This is our arena, this is what we do for a living. I couldn’t imagine going on the field and do what they do.”

I would definitely donate to charity to see Woods take the gridiron and get steamrolled by Aaron Donald.