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Jorge Masvidal offers to ‘run it back’ with Nate Diaz for BMF title

There’s been a lot of social media trash talk going on amongst the top draws of the UFC, but will this example result in an actual fight?

There’s a new trend going on right now of bored fighters in quarantine complaining about their position in the UFC rankings or even better, the overall GOAT rankings. But the real galaxy brain in all this is Nate Diaz, who decided to sidestep all that and claim the title of Baddest Motherf**ker again.

That’s a pretty cocky claim after losing badly to Jorge Masvidal in their BMF belt fight back in November of 2019. But just like Conor believes he was inches away from defeating Khabib the first time around, Diaz knows he was just about to win against Masvidal before the fight got shut down over a bad cut.

Sure, Nate is pretty much the only person to think that, but if one person in the world believes it, it’s apparently one person too many for Jorge Masvidal. The presumptive #1 contender at welterweight had this to say about Diaz’s tweets.

A rematch between Masvidal and Diaz would be bank, and justifiable on account of the first fight’s wonky ending — and quarantine boredom. Do we not deserve some fun but ultimately pointless exercises in pure fan service? Is it the height of wishful thinking to imagine Masvidal vs. Diaz 2 appearing like a beacon of beautiful light on a card in the middle of July?

Let’s be honest: yes. I still don’t quite understand why the UFC is so reluctant to open their wallet for Nate Diaz considering the number of record breaking PPVs he’s been a part of, but that’s just how it is. The UFC apparently has non-title possibilities for Jorge Masvidal, but we doubt they involve Nate because the UFC’s plans never involve Nate.

When the UFC managed to get itself re-opened earlier this month, I think a lot of fans had a vision of a huge summer featuring some massive fights. But more realistically, you’re going to have a tug of war where the bigger names try to negotiate their money and their opponents while the UFC continues to give not a single inch on either issue. As Jon Jones noted, that’s how you get a Blachowicz title fight, not anything Ngannou sized.

The last thing the UFC needs during a pandemic that’s already costing them millions in gate money is fighter pay exploding out of control, so don’t expect fun to get in the way of business as usual.

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