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Khabib slams McGregor over P4P rankings: ‘You greatest UFC fighter in Twitter history’

Conor McGregor continues to catch backlash from fellow UFC fighters over his self-proclaimed “GOAT Thread” posted earlier today, which listed the best pound-for-pound fighters in MMA history.

McGregor, who listed himself as a close No. 2 behind former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, already received ridicule from current UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, who came in at No. 4, for never successfully defending a UFC title.

Now, “Notorious” is getting a dish served cold by rival and current UFC lightweight titleholder Khabib Nurmagomedov, who submitted McGregor back in 2018 in the biggest UFC fight of all time. The undefeated Russian champion had the following message for McGregor after reviewing his P4P list, which was somehow missing “Eagle.”

“You tapped out in featherweight , you tapped out in lightweight and you tapped in welterweight , you never defended title in the UFC or Cage Warriors , you gave up more than GSP , Spider and Bones all together. you greatest @ufc fighter in twitter history,” wrote Nurmagomedov via Twitter.

While McGregor has etched his name in MMA history as becoming the first UFC fighter to simultaneously hold titles in two separate divisions the former featherweight and lightweight king still does not have a title defense to his name. This was pointed out by Jones and now Khabib, who went as far back as Cage Warriors to prove his point.

McGregor is hoping to continue his huge 2020 comeback campaign, which started out with a 40-second TKO finish over Donald Cerrone this past January (highlights HERE), in effort to land a rematch with Khabib later this year. Of course, that is if Nurmagomedov is able to get past interim champ Justin Gaethje this summer.

Should McGregor navigate his way into a rematch with Khabib and reclaim the UFC lightweight title it is unknown at this time if he would actually defend it. After all, “Notorious“ already has his sights set on welterweight.

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