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Video: Jon Jones lifts 505 pounds like a UFC heavyweight - ‘Somebody call USADA’

Jon Jones may not be moving up to heavyweight like he had hoped, but that doesn’t mean the UFC light heavyweight champion lacks the natural power to do so.

Jones, who was shut down by UFC officials earlier this week when asking for more money for a Francis Ngannou superfight, took to social media late last night (Fri., May 22, 2020) to show off his incredible strength and athleticism. Given the recent events that have taken place over the past few days this may have been a direct shot at everyone doubting Jones’ ability to move up in weight and challenge superhuman fighters like “Predator.”

“Bones” uploaded the above video to Twitter showcasing the power of a true UFC heavyweight. It may not be Ngannou strength, but it’s still formidable.

“505 in the 505 #SomebodyCallUSADA,” wrote Jones.

Jones is probably the last guy that should be provoking the services of USADA, but it was all in good fun. The UFC light heavyweight king followed up with an additional video one hour later showcasing another massive power lift.

While this isn’t quite as impressive as Jones lifting up 600 pounds back in 2016, the champ’s efforts won’t go unnoticed.

As of now, Jones will have to wait and see which light heavyweight UFC throws his way. With a heavyweight move off the table, “Bones” will likely test his strength against surging contender Jan Blachowicz or in a rematch with Dominick Reyes, who fought Jones to the brink of defeat this past February.

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