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Ken Shamrock: ‘Mike Tyson would be a perfect fight for me’

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson has been teasing a return to combat sports on his social media channels. That doesn’t mean he’ll actually step inside the ring, mind you, as he may just be getting in shape and promoting his sponsors.

But if the former “Iron” man does make his way back to the “sweet science” — or perhaps the bareknuckle arena — there are no shortage of fighters waiting to greet him. That includes UFC hall-of-famer and former WWE showman Ken Shamrock.

“I love competing,” Shamrock told Fight Network (transcribed by Tom Taylor). “I’ve always loved competing. Someone like Mike Tyson would be a perfect fight for me, because it’s something I love doing. I love competing and I love competing against the best, so it’d be a perfect scenario for me.”

Shamrock has not competed since losing to longtime rival Royce Gracie at the Bellator 149 event back in early 2016. “The World’s Most Dangerous Man” turned 56 back in February and would probably find it difficult to get licensed for competition.

As for Tyson, 53, he’s likely to face off against someone from his heyday, like Evander Holyfield or Shannon Briggs. The bout would undoubtedly be part of a charity boxing event and nothing worth taking seriously, but “Iron” Mike still looks pretty dangerous.

And pretty buff.

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