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Edson Barboza slams UFC rankings after falling out of Top 15 - ‘This is a joke’

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Edson Barboza hasn’t had a good week. After coming up short on the judges scorecards against Dan Ige at UFC on ESPN 8 in what was his Featherweight debut, his team filed an appeal to have the bout overturned feeling “Junior” should’ve been the rightful victor.

Unfortunately, that request was denied, which stung even more after Barboza revealed that even UFC president Dana White told him he should've gotten the nod. That prompted the Brazilian bomber to ask UFC to cut him a check for his “win” bonus he would’ve received had he gotten the decision.

And unless a deposit was done in private, there has been no movement on that front.

Furthermore, Barboza — a longtime staple in the Top 15 rankings — was nowhere to be found on the most recent list, as not only was he outed from the Top 15 at Lightweight, but failed to debut as one of the Featherweight elite despite his impressive performance.

A move that obviously didn’t sit well with the devastating striker.

“Do you guys know who makes the UFC ranking? I’m sure it’s not the specialists. They don’t listen to the fans or public. I didn’t care about it, but now I’m sure this ranking is just a joke,” wrote Barboza on Twitter.

“They took me off from the lightweight division ranking. Ige stepped up 4 positions and I am not even in the ranking in the featherweight division, in a fight that the whole word knows that I won. It doesn’t make any sense.”

The loss was Edson’s third straight, with the other two coming in the 155-pound division. The fearsome brawler did say he was open to a quick turnaround, possibly in July, but would put himself through another weight cut down to 145 pounds if the promotion gave him the other half of his money.

And so we wait.