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Top MMA coach duped by fake Hitler meme, attempts to rebound with Ronald Reagan speech

Where do you go for political advice? If your answer is anything other than “my striking coach” then clearly you’re an idiot.

I always get a kick out of people who criticize the “sheep” ... then blindly repost anything that comes their way on social media.

Famed MMA coach Mike Winkeljohn has been a busy little bee on Instagram, protesting the government shutdown that has affected a great number of businesses, including his gym in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Unfortunately, the meme he used to criticize the U.S. government, depicting reviled Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler along with a freedom quote from Mein Kampf, was fake on both counts. But clearly all is forgiven because he rebounded with former president Ronald Reagan.

“The German dictator didn’t say that the best way to control a people is to ‘take a little of their freedom at a time,’” David Mikkelson wrote for Snopes (via Bloody Elbow). “He didn’t even practice that advice himself.”

The photo is also UK Prime Minister David Cameron, photoshopped with a mustache.

Being stuck in quarantine is no fun for anyone and the economic burden has been catastrophic for many people and businesses. I’m not sure the best way to combat that is by spamming Internet memes; but hey, Ronald Reagan!!!!

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