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Fast finishes! Denise Kielholtz gets her first MMA submission in 76 seconds

Kielholtz vs. Middleton

“Miss Dynamite” Denise Kielholtz is the Queen of Dutch kickboxers. Competing professionally since 2004, Kielholtz has won world titles in six different promotions, and was also a multiple time gold, silver and bronze medalist in judo competitions throughout the 2000’s. Not only is Kielholtz a prodigiously successful athlete across multiple disciplines, she is a truly classy representative of combat sports. No matter how impartial you try to be, it’s hard not to root for Kielholtz every time she steps into a ring.

Having suffered a disappointing loss in her first attempt to transition to mixed martial arts, Kielholtz was determined to redeem herself at Bellator 188 from Menora Mivtachim Arena in Tel Aviv, Israel. Standing across from her that night was Jessica Middleton, 2-2 in four fights to date for Bellator MMA. The decorated Kielholtz was a humble 0-1 in MMA by comparison.

Fortunately for “Miss Dynamite” November 16, 2017 was to be her night. Middleton tried to crowd Kielholtz with a significant size and reach advantage, but an experienced striker like Kielholtz had nothing to fear from a larger opponent. After a barrage of hard hooks Middleton tried to clinch up to avoid damage, but Kielholtz hit a judo throw and quickly transitioned to an armbar on the ground. At 1:16 Middleton quickly tapped out.

Great things come in small packages, and Denise Kielholtz is one of the greatest.

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