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INSANE! Dana White responds to John Oliver after ‘Last Week Tonight’ sinks UFC Fight Island (Video)

I know to the outside world, the idea of creating and running “Fight Island” may sound like the industry’s most “insane” idea yet, but for those of us who’ve been around mixed martial arts (MMA) for any length of time, this doesn’t even make the Top 5.

Especially when compared to this.

“While they couldn’t fly in international fighters for that event, their president Dana White has devised an insane workaround,” comedian John Oliver said during Last Week Tonight. “Yes, the UFC is apparently building a facility on a private island that they’re calling ‘Fight Island.’ Now, is that a clever name? No. Is it the perfect name? Yes! Because it’s the first thought an idiot would have if they wanted to name a private island where fights happen. Look at me, Dana, why didn’t you just call it ‘UF-Sea? It’s perfect.”

White was amused by the take, but not amused by the selective reporting, particularly in the wake of last week’s experimental “home run” in the “Sunshine State.”

“I like John Oliver, I think he’s funny,” White wrote on Twitter. “But this is a perfect example of how you can control the narrative by using selective facts. We did approximately 1,100 tests, only three were positive, it was a fighter and his two trainers and we had three events NOT one.”

White and Co. needed to find a new location for international fighters who were facing logistical challenges during the coronavirus pandemic. Not that things have been any easier for stateside athletes, as Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is still searching for a home for its May 30 card on ESPN+.

That may lead fans to ... Fight Desert?

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