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Anthony Smith vs Glover Teixeira live fight stream | UFC Jacksonville

UFC Fight Night Smith v Teixeira: Weigh-Ins Photo by Cooper Neill/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Anthony Smith and Glover Teixeira were supposed to meet inside the Octagon weeks ago, one of several main events to be sacrificed to global pandemic. Fortunately for fans of these two bruisers, it’s been re-booked rather quickly, as UFC Jacksonville’s main event took place tonight (Weds., May 13, 2020) from inside Vystar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida.

Action was nearly guaranteed between these two finishers.

This one lived up to the hype, and it even costed Anthony Smith some teeth! Teixeira took some heavy shots early, but the Brazilian did excellent to bob and weave, limiting damage. Towards the end of the second, Teixeira’s power punches began to land more consistently and quickly take effect.

Soon after, the tide turned dramatically.

Round One:

After a touch of gloves, Smith lands a jab. Smith attacks with a good body kick. Smith pumps the jab, landing a cracking right hand over the top. More quick jabs from Smith connect, as does a low kick. Teixeira pressures, but he’s yet to land much at all two minutes into the round. Teixeira traps his foe along the fence, lands a body shot. Solid left hook scores for the Brazilian. A low blow stalls the action. On restart, Smith returns to the jab and lands a sharp cross. Smith throws a combination, but Teixeira’s defense stays tight. Hard low kick from Teixeira. Another. One more! Solid right hand crashes into Teixeira, and Smith rips a body kick to follow up. Teixeira lands two more punches to the body. A Teixeira single leg is stuffed. Teixeira returns to the low kick. Clean cross scores for Smith, who’s boxing quite well. Smith rips a low kick of his own. Good left hook from Teixeira stumbles Smith briefly. Smith scores with a knee at the bell.

Round Two

Smith begins the second with his jab. Teixeira attacks the calf. Teixeira rips a hook to the mid-section. Smith connects on a 1-2. Right hand over the top lands for Smith. Smith sticks a couple quick kicks into the belly, spins into a blocked elbow. Teixeira closes distance with a right hand, but Smith is able to get his back off the fence. Smith lands a couple clean rights. Smith’s loose jabs and crosses are working very well for him. Teixeira’s eye is beginning to swell quite a bit. Teixeira flurries with Smith backed into the fence, seemingly hurt for a moment. Cross-hook lands hard for the Brazilian! Smith lands a counter elbow, eats some body shots. Head kicks blasts off the arms of Smith. Teixeira lands a clean jab of his own, absorbs a low kick. Heavy body kick scores for Teixeira. Big left lands for Smith. Back hand lands for Smith, but Teixeira cracks him with a left hook. Teixeira lands a spinning back kick! Smith jabs back at the bell.

Round Three

Teixeira rips a low kick to start the third. Smith catches a kick and scores a brief takedown, but Teixeira pops right back up. Teixeira jabs, then lands a hard uppercut. Smith is hurt and backs off, allowing Teixeira to unleash a massive flurry. Smith hits the ground face-first, and Teixeira jumps onto his back. Smith is trapped and flattened out, absorbing nasty ground strikes. Smith is barely in it, but Teixeira has yet to really unleash a finishing sequence from mount. Smith kicks off the fence and escapes mount! He’s not all the way up though, as Teixeira continues punching from turtle position. Teixeira knees the body. Teixeira secures the wrist ride and starts really ripping punches. The Brazilian sinks a hook in and drops some more hammers. Somehow, Smith is surviving, desperately clinging to one arm to slow the damage. Smith turns to his back into half guard, but he’ll survive the round.

Round Four

Huge uppercut from Teixeira opens the fourth, and Smith is hurt. Teixeira backs him into the fence, but Smith lands an elbow! Smith circles off the fence and fires, but a left hook steals his legs. Smith shoots for a desperation double, but the end result is Teixeira taking top position. Bleeding badly, Smith is once again trapped on bottom. Teixeira attacks the choke, but Smith successfully fights hands. Teixeira lets Smith back up, sticks him with a jab. Smith lands a hook-cross. Right hand connects for Teixeira. Smith fires a big counter back, so Teixeira ducks and takes him back down. The elbows begin to drop once more for Teixeira, who settles into half guard. Teixeira threatens the arm triangle, but Smith defends. Teixeira takes mount with a few seconds remaining and drops some heavy shots.

Round Five

Teixeira sticks jabs early, and Smith backs into the fence. Smith looks really hurt and takes a bad shot, allowing Teixeira to take top position yet again. Hard elbows land for Teixeira, who then passes guard into mount. Teixeira puts together a quick flurry, and the referee finally takes mercy on Smith.

Final Result: Glover Teixeira defeats Anthony Smith via TKO in the fifth round delivered LIVE round-by-round, blow-by-blow coverage of the entire UFC Jacksonville fight card all night long RIGHT HERE.

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