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Video: Watch ‘Dana Fertitta’s’ embarrassing FOX interview talking ‘Khabib Nurgamadoff’

We’ve all been in that position at home or work where someone asks us to do a shitty job outside our core competence, so we just slog our way through it in the laziest way possible, completely apathetic toward the condition of the finished product.

I’m not sure how else to explain the embarrassing FOX interview conducted by Neil Cavuto, who mumbles his way through questions he doesn’t understand and essentially just gives UFC President Dana White a few minutes to promote his current line up in Jacksonville.

Key takeaways:

—Dana White bought the UFC with his older brother Frank Fertitta
—Justin Gaethje was a college wrestler, “I guess”
—UFC found a replacement fighter for Jacare Souza and sent Uriah Hall home anyway
—The UFC lightweight champion is a Russian named “Nurgamadoff”

Bite-sized pieces:

I don’t expect every reporter outside the combat sports bubble to be exceptionally well versed in all things MMA, and even our own media members have been known to flub a line or two ... but this was just downright embarrassing.

And shame on Dana White for issuing zero corrections on anything Cavuto said, particularly for those viewers who may not know the difference. I guess that makes two people who were trying to get that interview over with as quickly as possible.

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