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GSP’s reaction to being inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame is priceless

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Georges St-Pierre has finally been added to the UFC’s Hall of Fame, and his reaction to this news is probably the purest thing you’re going to see today.

The UFC made the announcement on Saturday night during UFC 249: the Canadian star would be a 2020 inductee into the ‘Modern Wing’, where he shares a spot with BJ Penn, Forrest Griffin, Urijah Faber, Ronda Rousey, Michael Bisping, and Rashad Evans. According to the UFC, ‘The Modern Era category includes athletes who turned pro on or after November 17, 2000 (when the first UFC event under the unified rules of MMA was held), are a minimum age of 35 or who have been retired for one year or more.’

While an induction ceremony is set to (hopefully) go down sometime later this year, for now you can watch Dana White call up Georges and break the good news to him.

I suppose it’s not that big of a surprise considering we’re all under the same damn lockdown in North America, but St-Pierre was actually watching UFC 249 when Dana calls him. So now we’re wondering ... did White give Georges a call before the promo video announcing his induction aired or after? It feels like it’d be the most UFC thing ever to announce first, inform GSP later. Whatever the case, St-Pierre seems tickled pink about the whole thing.

If you missed it last night, here’s the aforementioned promo for GSP’s induction. It’s a great little package carrying you through Georges’ early career into the era where he carried Canadian MMA on his back.

Now all the UFC has to do is induct Frank Shamrock into the Pioneer wing and they won’t have too many glaring oversights any more.

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