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UFC 249 Quick Pic: Gaethje was crushing Ferguson on scorecards before 5th round TKO

The official scorecard for the Justin Gaethje vs. Tony Ferguson interim lightweight title fight from UFC 249 tells a tale of near complete domination.

On Saturday night at UFC 249, Justin Gaethje didn’t need the judges to award him the win in his interim lightweight title fight against Tony Ferguson. But had referee Herb Dean not stepped in and waved off the fight with 1:21 to go, he still would have won that strap handily. According to this shot of the official scorecard from the Florida State Boxing Commission, Gaethje was way ahead 49-44, 49-45, and 50-44 in the judges’ eyes.

And yes, we’re a bit confused as well as to why the judges went ahead and rendered their scores for the fifth round when the fight ended before the final round. But it is wild seeing Chris Lee award it to Justin 10-7 and both Derek Cleary and Salvatore D’Amato scoring it 10-8. You know how allergic to 10-8 rounds judges tend to be, so it’s a nod to Gaethje’s absolute domination at the end of the fight. For real, though ... what are they doing scoring the round? Whatever. Gaethje’s a stud.

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