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Video: Joe Rogan freaks out after seeing 53-year-old Mike Tyson’s scary mitt work

Mike Tyson Performs His One Man Show “Undisputed Truth” Photo by Donald Kravitz/Getty Images

Mike Tyson was the scariest man on the planet when he dominated the boxing world so many years ago, but the former champion still possesses insane punching power even at the age of 53.

Tyson, who last competed professionally in 2005 in a loss to Irish heavyweight Kevin McBride, recently expressed his interest to return to the boxing ring to stage small exhibition bouts for charity. The idea is quite admirable, but few believed Tyson would have the physical prowess to dust himself off after a 15-year absence.

After all, “Iron Mike” has spent most of his retirement creating a presence in the marijuana industry and getting chummy with prominent mixed martial arts (MMA) figures like UFC president Dana White and superstar Conor McGregor.

But despite his absence from professional boxing, Tyson still looks like an absolute beast when his fists start to fly. The former heavyweight king recently shared the following video via Twitter and it’s quite impressive:

Even UFC color commentator Joe Rogan, an avid boxing enthusiast, was excited to see Tyson back in action:

“OH SHIT! Don’t get me excited about this,” wrote Rogan via Twitter.

While Tyson would have to last longer than five seconds if he ever decided to step inside of the ring again — whether for charity or not — this is a great sign for all of the “Iron Mike” fans out there. Despite his age and time away from the sport he once dominated, Tyson still carries incredible power and footwork.

What say you, Maniacs? Would this version of Mike Tyson do some serious damage inside of the ring?

Sound off!

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