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Stipe Miocic stars in new Modelo ad donating $500,000 to first responders

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Stipe Miocic appears in a new Modelo advertisement that supports First Responders amid the global COVID-19 crisis. The two-time UFC Heavyweight champion doubles as a firefighter when he isn’t headlining pay-per-view (PPV) events. Miocic (19-3) appears in a short Modelo advertisement in support of the First Responders First initiative.

Listen to Miocic talk about being a first responder and it is entirely believable that being a UFC champion — something most fighter dedicate a lifetime to achieving — is his secondary passion.

“The fire station is just amazing. They are just very loyal guys that always have your back. It’s a brotherhood, I tell everyone. I wanted to make my ma’ proud because I did something with my life,” Miocic said in a 2018 Modelo feature. “I worked so hard to get that degree to become a paramedic and a firefighter. Fighting is such a tough sport, but nothing is ever given, it’s all earned. You have to keep moving forward and digging down deep.”

Modelo is donating $500,000 to provide essential supplies, equipment and resources to protect healthcare workers on the frontlines of the war against the novel coronavirus.