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Jon Jones reveals his new non-quarantine hobby

Just days after receiving a year’s probation for yet another DUI, Jon Jones has a new (safer?) set of wheels to enjoy.

After spending the first two weeks of the nationwide quarantine effort tweeting out his support for the stay-at-home initiative and social distancing methods, Jon Jones cracked and ended up getting caught by cops in his car with a half empty bottle of mescal and a freshly fired handgun.

No one was particularly surprised by the world of difference between how Jones was portraying his lockdown life and how he was actually living it. It was exactly the kind of hypocrisy “Bones” followers on Twitter are used to by now.

But Jones may have finally taken things to a new level with his latest share: a video showing him ‘offroading’ through the hills of Albequerque on some sort of two wheeled scooter.

”I have definitely found a new hobby,” Jones says in the video. “Now I just gotta get myself a GoPro so I can show you guys how fun this is. Doing a little off-roading today. You guys be good.”

The video confused the crap out of a large percentage of Jones’ 2.3 million Twitter followers, and not just because everyone has been told to stay at home as much as possible to limit the spread of the Coronavirus — the better we all do that the sooner we can all go back outside. Isn’t Jones supposed to be on house arrest following his most recent run-in with the law???

As amusing as all the endless clapbacks are in this particular Twitter thread, there’s little doubt Jones is breaking the law in terms of his new sentence. He’s got an ankle bracelet on that pretty much guarantees that. And while yes, part of his 1 year supervised probation sentence includes a form of house arrest, that house arrest only lasts for a total of 96 hours. How its spread out, who knows? Bit of a joke considering we’re all basically on house arrest these days, but as this virus is highlighting there are clearly different rules in effect for the rich and famous.

And while we have our questions regarding scootering, bike riding (with proper social distancing) is still considered an acceptable form of outside exercise. So if you see Jon Jones off-road scootering through the backtrails of Albuquerque, we wouldn’t bother calling the cops ... although we wouldn’t advise getting in his way either. Because we’re not 100% sure (and Jon might be trolling us), but it sure looks like he has a handgun holstered at his side.

Something is definitely going on with the UFC light heavyweight champ, and we doubt even the soothing effects of a nice scooter ride are completely taming his wild heart at the moment.

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