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Submission Underground 13 video results: Jones subs injured Magalhaes, Vanderford upsets Martinez

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A little footage from today, chatting with @craigjonesbjj, and the ref after our match was over. This was one of the strangest things that I’ve seen in a match. Lol That’s why we were calmly chatting during the match, and after I still had some sense of humor to talk about it. To summarize what happened, the heel hook applied by Craig didn’t have the usual pressure on the ankle (mostly as a secondary pressure), and no pressure at all on the knee (most of the time the main concern).... I’ve seen the photos of what it looks like an odd angle, which it is, but I can put my foot in that direction stretching out on my own, so the angle itself wasn’t something unusual. On the first heel hook attempt, we felt a little snap, Craig asked me if I was ok, and as far as pain goes, I was ok, even though I had noticed that the foot went maybe a couple inches further than it should’ve gone. Lol Literally, there wasn’t any pain at all on my ankle, and you can tell that when I popped right back up to my feet,there was no issue at all with it. Physically I thought I was ok, but to be honest, I don’t like what I had just seen... again, I’m flexible, but it looked like that had gone a bit past the point. When Craig went and attacked the same foot for the second time, it freak me out a little because the foot was already turning all the way back, still without pain, like in the first attempt, but at same time without the usual resistance, which definitely it isn’t normal, and then when I pulled my leg back and went on my knees, I felt my leg a bit wiggly, even though I had full mobility on my ankle (indicating that there was no ligament injuries). The match was stopped was when both of us were asking if it was worth continuing, as I was just asking the referee the time for the regulation to be over, because I was going to do the 5min regulation, then I’d withdraw the overtime, as it wouldn’t make any sense for me to go to over time from that point on. By the way, Craig is a nice dude, I appreciate his concern during the match, not a lot of people have that. It shouldn’t be something unusual, but believe it or not it is. Congrats, brother! (Continuing on comments)

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Despite the quarantine protocols that have most of the nation under lockdown, Submission Underground was back in action on Sunday night because Chael Sonnen, the brains (and part-time brawn) behind the grappling promotion, does whatever the (expletive) he wants in his home state of Oregon.

The marquee match up of the night, which streamed live on UFC Fight Pass, featured Australian menace Craig Jones taking on ADCC standout Vinny Magalhaes, a bout that ended by way of verbal submission when Magalhaes suffered damage from Jones’ punishing leg locks.

Elsewhere on the main card, Austin Vanderford — “hated” husband of UFC strawweight Paige VanZant — upset the jiu-jitsu apple cart by submitting 10th Planet “Boogeyman” Richie Martinez. In addition, retired MMA slugger Jake Ellenberger got triangled by Brazil’s Gabriel Checco.

Complete Submission Underground 13 results, courtesy MMA Junkie:


Craig Jones def. Vinny Magalhaes via verbal submission (injury) – Regulation, 4:21
Austin Vanderford def. Richie Martinez via submission (arm-triangle choke) – Overtime 2, 0:44
Gabriel Checco def. Jake Ellenberger via submission (reverse triangle choke) – Regulation, 1:52


Ethan Crelinsten def. Andrew Alexander via submission (rear-naked choke) – Overtime 1, 1:00
Don Stoner def. Alex Larmey via escape time – Full time
Joe Baize def. Nicholas Maximov via submission (heel hook) – Regulation, 2:31
Cris Lencioni def. Gabriel Austin Daffron via escape time – Full time
Charlie Gilpin def. Jake Smith via submission (kimura) – Regulation, 1:38
Eric McConico def. George Martinez via submission (armbar) – Overtime 1, 0:04
Cody Kenaga def. Jake Hargis via submission (toe hold) – Regulation, 2:06

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