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Video: Mayweather taunts McGregor during pandemic training session

Coronavirus can’t keep Floyd Mayweather out of the boxing gym, and it sounds like his mind is still on Conor McGregor.

Floyd Mayweather is back in the gym training, and the video gives you a glimpse of what combat sports athletes are trying to do to stay safe during the Coronavirus pandemic.

In new footage shared through his Instagram Live and archived by FightHype, Mayweather and a scaled down team of coaches get the undefeated boxing star ready for some work on a heavy bag. Half of his crew are wearing medical masks, while the other half doesn’t, and Mayweather can be seen wiping sweat with a towel that ends up sitting on the canvas before a coach picks it up and throws it over his shoulder. Later in the video, a gloveless coach opens Mayweather’s water bottle and hydrates his man.

It isn’t my goal to nitpick the level of caution being shown in Mayweather’s gym, rather just point out how hard it is for fighters to train safely in an environment where blood, sweat and tears are often a big measure of progress. Even Floyd — with his own facility and dedicated team — has to hope the group he’s working with aren’t carrying the Coronavirus or exposed to others who may have it.

Mayweather also name drops Conor McGregor during his light bag work and while much of what he says is hard to make out, he does say, ”He don’t want this.”

While a rematch between Floyd and Conor doesn’t seem imminent, Mayweather has been keeping the idea in peoples’ minds, recently saying he toyed with McGregor in their first fight and, “If I blazed him, there wouldn’t be a part two.”

On the other side of the “super” fight equation, McGregor unsurprisingly thinks he’d knockout Mayweather should he get a second shot at the former champ.

“I prepared for the style he originally came out with, and I was whooping his ass when he came out that way because I was prepared for it,” McGregor said last year. “When he switched up to a different style I wasn’t prepared for, he ended up getting the win, so much respect.”

Mayweather had officially un-retired in November after a chance encounter with Dana White courtside at an NBA game turned into a series of business meetings and a handshake deal to work together. The reports coming out had Floyd contemplating “mega” fights like a rematch with Manny Pacquiao and a “UFC crossover.”

Unfortunately, it was a tough March for the Mayweather family. Floyd had had to deal with the back-to-back deaths of Josie Harris, mother to three of his four children, and his uncle / trainer Roger Mayweather via diabetes complications. Even before the Coronavirus situation exploded, TMZ Sports was reporting Mayweather’s 2020 comeback plans were likely postponed (details).

That’s likely still the case, but any time Floyd straps on the gloves for his social media audience there’s speculation that he may be preparing for a few more money fights.

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