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Jon Jones bashes MMA media, fighters for paying him attention during COVID-19 pandemic

It’s safe to say that UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones likes to be talked about. As one of the best fighters in MMA history it would be weird if he didn’t.

But should we be talking about “Bones” now during the current COVID-19 pandemic?

Whether you think so or not, Jones believes MMA media members and fighters should be leaving his name out of their mouths during this difficult time. It has certainly been hard to do that considering Jones was arrested again, this time for DWI, just one month ago. The UFC champion has provided the ammo that the combat community has used to fire its shots.

Still, Jones thinks there are more important things to talk about as the entire world tries to limit the effects of the coronavirus, which has hit home more than most. The UFC champion delivered the following message earlier this week via Twitter:

“It’s funny to see how many MMA reporters and fighters can’t go a few episodes or interviews without discussing me..There’s seriously a pandemic going on guys. Is there nothing more important going on in your world,” Jones wrote via Twitter.

Does this mean no more popping cherries in Poland?

It’s nice of Jones to suggest that we should all direct our energy elsewhere and take the spotlight away from him, but it’s not easy overlooking one of the most controversial fighters in the sport today. In addition, Jones has so many contenders speaking out about wanting to fight him next for his UFC title that it’s almost impossible to leave the champion out of the equation.

After all, UFC is back and fights are going to start materializing.

If Jones really wants MMA media members and fighters to stop paying him attention during the current COVID-19 pandemic then he needs to stop doing things that spark the conversation. That is easier said than done considering Jones is one of the most outspoken fighters on the UFC roster today.

What say you, Maniacs? Are we paying too much attention to Jones during these difficult times?

Let’s hear it!

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