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Enson Inoue: Khabib is a true ‘martial artist’ in an ‘entertainment era’

Enson Inoue is as old-school as it comes and he appreciates how Khabib Nurmagomedov has brought that old-school mentality into the modern era of mixed martial arts.

Enson Inoue comes from the no bullshit era of mixed martial arts (MMA); therefore, it’s no surprise that the former Pride FC veteran respects how Khabib Nurmagomedov brings that mentality into the entertainment-influenced scene of modern MMA.

SBN MMA caught up with Inoue and picked his brain about his favorite fighters past and present. When asked about his favorite active fighter, Inoue name-dropped “The Eagle” without hesitation.

“Khabib. Not only does he kick ass, but he’s honorable. He doesn’t talk s—t unless he means it. That’s not talking s—t. If you’re talking s—t about someone and you mean it, it’s not like you’re s—t talking. You’re just saying how you feel about the person,” Inoue expressed. “He’s honourable. He’s one of those martial artists fighting in this entertainment-era of MMA today. I like that.”

Inoue nodded to an equally devastating force when asked for his favorite fighter of old.

“Mike Tyson,” the Shooto veteran stated. “He has that desire to die in the ring. To kill your opponent. If you’re willing to die in the ring, you gotta be willing to kill. I saw that in Mike Tyson.”

Inoue, 53, also dished on his gaming habits.

Zelda,” he said of his favorite video game. “I used to love Zelda. Getting the bigger, stronger sword. Going into the different worlds and getting stronger, better armor. Collecting the hearts. You know the old school Zelda? I used to love that. Now a days it’s so complex even if I tried I wouldn’t know what to do.”

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