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Chael Sonnen thinks Jon Jones should just go full ‘scumbag’ following latest DWI arrest

When Jon Jones gets in trouble with the law, not only does it further tarnish his legacy, but it also gives his rivals additional ammunition. While some like Daniel Cormier opted not to kick him following his latest arrest, others such as Israel Adesanya were quick to bust out the memes.

Chael Sonnen, meanwhile, doesn’t have to pile it on because according to the “American Gangster,” Jones is doing it to himself and everyone already knew just what type of person he was outside of the cage. That’s why Sonnen believes it would be in Jones’ best interest to finally embrace going full "scumbag" following his latest arrest.

“I think Jon Jones since his latest arrest, the mask is off,” Sonnen said on Submission Radio (via MMA Fighting). “The world’s known he’s a scumbag for a while, but now that he’s finally in touch with just what a dirty guy he is and now he’s putting out interviews, he’s steering into it.

“Look, from a liveability and civility standpoint, okay, go ahead and question Jon Jones’s character,” he added. “I’m speaking about from a marketing and promotional standpoint, he’s doing everything right.”

After Jones was arrested last month in Albuquerque, N.M., video footage surfaced which not only showed police officers finding a handgun in his vehicle, but also saw Jones become visibly upset while in handcuffs. For Sonnen, shedding tears and mentioning his kids after the fact was just a bit too much.

“The gig is up, everybody knows. You were on TMZ in handcuffs crying about, ‘I want to go home and be with my kids.’ Dude, it’s two in the morning, you’re firing guns while shooting and running donuts in a parking lot drunk on tequila. Your time to be with your — Are your kids even still up, you bum? The fact that he would be that level of a scumbag, just go with it, just be a scumbag.”

Jones eventually struck a plea deal that got him a year of supervised probation, community service and a few days of house arrest.

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