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Jorge Masvidal just buried Kamaru Usman and his ‘multiple personalties’ in scathing new video

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Despite what those dopey “purists” will tell you, mixed martial arts (MMA) owes a big chunk of its success to the drama and pageantry found in pro wrestling, which is why we have press conferences, staredowns, and water bottle wars, among other things.

It sells.

So we probably shouldn’t come down too hard on any athlete who has a stage personality, assuming they’re not this guy, but it sounds to me like Jorge Masvidal has had enough of Kamaru Usman, who seems to have a different personality for every occasion.

Which would explain “Gamebred’s” latest “Marty” video.

Masvidal is expected to challenge for Usman’s welterweight title at some point this summer. There were rumblings about the possibility of putting their 170-pound grudge match atop the tattered UFC 249 fight card, but that appears to be nothing but posturing at this point.

The sooner these two get inside the cage, the better.