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Free online MMA classes during coronavirus lockdown

Angela Lee

Evolve MMA in Singapore is offering free online MMA classes to everyone during the current coronavirus lockdown. People stuck at home will be able to train in the various elements of the sport with new sessions uploaded every day.

The schedule (Singapore time) is as follows:

But people in the wrong timezone can access all the classes on demand via the Evolve MMA Facebook and YouTube accounts. The Singapore-based camp is renowned for recruiting decorated former champions as trainers.

Anyone who closely follows sports like boxing, Muay Thai, and jiu-jitsu is likely to see some familiar faces on the tutorial videos. Yesterday, for instance, former Lumpinee champions Sam-A Gaiyanghadao and Peneak Sitnumnoi gave a lesson:

The two are actually former opponents, who fought at Lumpinee Stadium in 2012 in one of the most dramatic Muay Thai fights of the past decade. Gyms across the world have been forced to shut their doors due to the coronavirus situation.

It means millions of people are stuck at home without access to fitness facilities. Fortunately, there are online resources like this which means you can continue to train from the comfort of your own living room.

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