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Video: McGregor, Silva, Rousey featured in best title fight staredowns in UFC history

Fight fans are left with old footage these days as the entire combat sports world waits for the COVID-19 outbreak to run its course.

Luckily, old footage isn’t a bad thing, especially when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. There’s just something about watching two fighters compete for ultimate glory in the most unforgiving proving ground in all of sports. One small mistake could spell immediate physical disaster.

In today’s MMA, the build up to a fight is almost as entertaining as the action itself. With unscripted trash talk, multiple pre-fight press conferences, and the final weigh-ins staredown, fighters have more time and opportunities than ever before to create a meaningful feud that fans are obligated to watch.

Because of this, fight fans have seen some of the best staredowns ever recorded over the past 10 years, specifically under the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) banner. Fortunately for all of us fans looking for old footage to watch UFC has compiled the best staredowns in title fight history, which can been seen in the above player.

With fighters such as Conor McGregor, Ronda Rousey, Jon Jones and Anderson Silva stepping up to the plate there is certainly no shortage of intensity. Some feuds were bigger than others, but all of them should get the blood boiling on this combat-less weekend.

What do you think, fight fans? Which staredown was the best in UFC title fight history?

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