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UFC files 22 trademarks for ‘Fight Island’

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is apparently taking this whole “Fight Island” concept pretty seriously, filing 22 trademarks this week with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. 11 for “Fight Island” and 11 for “UFC Fight Island.”

“The filings were made based on an ‘intent to use’ FIGHT ISLAND as the name of a mixed martial arts (MMA) competition and for branded goods such as clothing and jewelry,” attorney Josh Gerben explained to dolts like me via social media.

The promotion is constructing facilities on a super secret island as a workaround for coronavirus restrictions currently in place in most locations, including the ones that led to the cancelation of UFC 249 last week in California.

According to UFC President Dana White, events could land on Fight Island as early as next month, with some fighters arriving there ahead of time to begin training. Count this current champion among the many fighters excited for the new location.

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