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Free fight! Brock Lesnar brutalizes Frank Mir, gets revenge at UFC 100 (video)

In 2008, Frank Mir derailed the Brock Lesnar hype train at UFC 81, submitting the WWE Superstar-turned mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter in just 90 seconds. A year later, the two big men would once again find themselves staring each other down inside the Octagon.

Indeed, Mir and Lesnar headlined the historical UFC 100 pay-per-view (PPV) event on July 11, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada. At the time, Lesnar was the heavyweight champion after knocking out Randy Couture seven months prior, while Mir was holding the interim title.

Not surprisingly, Mir once again tried to take it to the ground early on in an attempt to snatch up one of Lesnar’s massive legs. Brock, however, was a bit better with his scrambling game this time around, fighting his way out of danger while smashing Mir with some nasty elbows, mauling the multiple-time champion for the duration of the round.

The start of round two saw Lesnar score a quick takedown, though Mir managed to bounce right back up. From there, Mir started to pile on the pressure, tagging Lesnar with a few good shots before making a crucial mistake. After attempting a standing guillotine, Mir opted to throw a flying knee while Lesnar had him a hold of him. That allowed the champion to score a takedown, which was the beginning of the end for Mir, as Brock managed to land 15 unanswered (and very powerful) bombs, forcing Herb Dean to put an end to the punishment.

A trilogy fight between the two 265-pound fighters was teased but never saw the light of day. And it will likely never happen, as Mir is under contract with Bellator MMA, while Lesnar returned back to his pro wrestling roots.

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