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Sweaty, muscular Paulo Costa just posted a video that has ‘Stylebender’ fans jumping ship

Even the cockiest of Israel Adesanya’s fans are reconsidering their allegiance now that Brazilian beefcake, Paulo Costa, has revealed his current physique ahead of their inevitable showdown later this year.

I know they say it’s not polite to stare but we won’t judge the “Stylebender” sycophants who aren’t used to seeing surgically-repaired biceps boast that kind of mass, especially when they’re accustomed to the toothpicks typically found on “scrawny clowns.”

And if you're wondering if this is just another troll article or if perhaps I’ve flipped my lid because of the protracted lockdown here in New Jersey, I can assure you I was already an idiot long before coronavirus left me stranded in quarantine.

Costa (13-0) was campaigning for an Adesanya (19-0) title fight earlier this year; however, UFC President Dana White instead gave the nod to fellow 185-pound meathead Yoel Romero. That fight was a bust, despite the “Stylebender” victory, and fans are eager to put that dud behind them.

See you on Fight Island?

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